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Photos from a USC pedestrian walkway. 1-17-2005.


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Ever since I posted these photos of a huge pedestrian walkway, I promised to get some pics from it. This is the walkway I am talking about. There are plans for renovation,

which includes a viewing deck and a roof, but I'm unsure of details at this time.


It spans accross several recreation fields, and splits to go to Bates West and Bates House dorms, ending at the Blatt PE center on the other end. It provides a great

vantage point to watch the USC marching band rehearse as well, so come watch me sometime.


And now onto the pictures I tood today, a few minutes ago actually.

After leaving Waffle House (HB scattered, chunked + 1 WF :) ) this morning, I was walking back South Quad, and had my camera with me, like I always do. It's a clear

day, so I thought that I would take some pics, since I promised pics from this walkway. I was walking accross it anyhow. Here we have a view of where I live, South Quad,

with some downtown building popping up.


It's bitterly cold, don't let the clearness of the skies fool you. It's windy too, and the turtleneck that I'm wearing is very pourous, so I was freezing my ass off walking back.


Another view.


That's Whaley's Mill. It's converted into apartments. I stayed up all night there one time, doing a paper with a friend who lives there. I absolutely LOVE the view, which I

will photograph, in the evening when it's hazy, the sun is setting and making a silhouette with the Whaley's towers, and there are jets landing in the distance at CAE. It's

really industrial looking. I will get a night exposure of that power grid too sometime, and make it black and white. Sephia even.


Marching band rehearsal field, plus its cool view.


South Quad again.


California Dreaming restuarant. There is a certain time of year when the sun sets right at the end of these tracks. I will get a photo, it's amazing.


Looking down the ramp, which is fun to do on rollerblades.


West Quad.


And back home to South Quad. These photos were in chronological order I believe.





There wasn't enough photos here to make a new thread, so I'll tack them to the end of this one. I went to Charlotte the other day for a wedding, and took a few photos

downtown from the car. It was too cold and I was by myself, so I didn't go on a night photo shoot like I wanted. I do have big plans however, as soon as I get a free

weekend and someone to go with me.

And, two crowns for the queen city


Zoom out from the same spot.


And... the family at the wedding. Me, Mom, Brother, and Dad.


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