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Orlando World Trade Centre


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Orlando World Trade Center




World Trade Center Orlando (WTCOR) was incorporated in the Fall of 1990. World Trade Center Orlando is one of 338 World Trade Centers in 103 countries around the world. The goal of every World Trade Center is to develop a world-class facility that will serve as the center of trade in a specific region. World Trade Center Orlando serves the entire Central Florida region. The majority of tenants are companies and traders involved in some capacity with international trade. Trade is an approximate $90 billion business for Florida, with one out of every four persons in Florida working directly in some form of trade.

World Trade Center Orlando is dedicated to developing a new Class A office facility.

Sitting near the Orange County Convention Center and soon to be the 2nd largest convention center in the US, the World Trade Center Orlando will feature 300,000 square feet of Class A office space, and will be headquarters for some of Central Florida

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"The tower will be a unique sculpted design of over 15 floors topped by an illuminated crown and needle that will be seen from both downtown Orlando and the Disney World area."

This "needle" doesn't appear in the picture. When they say it can be seen from downtown, they must mean from the top of SunTrust. I can't wait to see the light show.

It is difficult to corrolate the three images. I'm assuming that the "buiding" image is the office building and not the 1500 room hotel. Is there a backer for the hotel?

The third image site plan also shows some remaining out parcells toward Int'l Dr. Maybe more towers?

The intersection of Beeline and Int'l Drive is already a mess. The direct overpass to the convention center will help.

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