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South Florida News sources

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What are your sources for South Florida development and city issues news?

Here's my bookmarks.

Miami Herald Online

updated daily


updated constantly

South Florida Business Journal

updated daily

Community News

Local news for Kendall, with links to south miami, coconut grove and others.

updated whenever they feel like it.

Welcome to the Miami-Dade County Metropolitan Planning Organization!

They collect some transportation related news on their site

Miami Today News

updated weekly on wednesday

updated weekly, concentrated on the beach and aventura

development news, updated periodically

Miami New Times

updated weekly, liberal general issues

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My list is virtually identical... I also use:

Florida Community Development Coalition

collects news on development, with a special focus on revitalizing inner city neighborhoods; updated sporadically

Miami-Dade's People's Transportation Plan

Miami Downtown Development Authority

South Florida Regional Planning Council

updated infrequently, although it has good encyclopedic information

I'm always looking for new sources, especially ones that have RSS feeds.

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heavy and stressful schedule... what can I say... this is a good way to unwind...

I'm a "he", btw...


Here here.

I'll admit, I'm not much better.

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