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CCTV Headquarters, unique masterpiece

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CCTV Headquarters

Beijing - China

Project: CCTV Headquarters

Status: Under Construction

Project Address: N0.32, East Third Ring Middle Road

The new site of CCTV is located to the east of East Third Ring Road, north of Guanghua Road, south of Chaoyang Road and within the CBD. The new site of CCTV covers a total area of 187,000 sq.meters. The total floorarea is about 550 thousand sq. meters. The tallest building will be about 23O meters and the total investment for the project will be about RMB 5 billion.

It has been determined that the new site of CCTV will apply the design scheme of OMA from the Holland. Experts say that the scheme will not only establish the image of CCTV, but also turns to a new page for China's architecture circle.









Probably one of the most incredible buildings i've ever seen, even on renderings. Im really looking forward to see this building completed.

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Some of the images are amusing. Not so much for the building.....but for the East Third Ring Road being shown virtually empty. This road is jammed solid 19 hours a day (0500 to 2400).

Curently, this building is a hole in the ground. It has laos raised a lot of protest from the public and many Chinese architects. Almost as many as "the egg", Andreu's National Theatre opposite Zhongnanhai, which can be clearly seen from various points in the Forbidden City.

- Mark

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