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Royals now considering moving DT!

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From the Kansas City Star:

The clock has begun ticking on the idea of a downtown baseball stadium.

The Royals and Chiefs have agreed to a one-year postponement of Jackson County's obligations to upgrade the Truman Sports Complex. The Jackson County Sports Complex Authority approved that agreement Wednesday.

This action opens a window for downtown interests and a group of civic leaders to determine the feasibility of a downtown ballpark for the Royals and some comparable new stadium or improvements for the Chiefs.

However, that window of opportunity may be only 100 days. If a funding plan for one or more new stadiums can't be resolved by May 1, then Jackson County and sports authority officials want to press ahead with an August sales tax election to raise money for required repairs at the sports complex. With Wednesday's agreement, county officials decided not to seek a similar sales tax election in April.

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