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Downtown to have over $4 mil in lights and trees


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An article in today's star talks about how new trees and lights should be added to downtown to give it a "new" and revived feel.

In my opinion, Breslau doesn't know what he's talking about and his opinions are flawed about the designs. He chose the "Historic" design over the "Power and Light" and "Blades of Grass" designs.

The "Historic" design is the most plain out of the three.

I like the Power and Light design more out of the three. According to the notes, it throws out a lot of light. Yet is easy to maintain. The design of the Pedestrian Lamp is the best.

However I also like the Blades of Grass design, I don't like the idea of bringing the plains to Downtown since the plains is a design KS towns should have and has no relevance to Central Western Missouri. But I like the idea that they flow over. However, the pedestrian lamp should be more unique than just a mini street lamp.

Green path toward revival

More trees, new lights would add life to drab downtown streets


The Kansas City Star

T he greening of downtown Kansas City must start with trees. Lots more of them.

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