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knapp street

daniel nudnik

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this was something I was thinking about.

according to the grand rapids master plan the knapp street-e. beltline intersection is planned as a major service-residence-transporation node. I think all of the built projects have been annexed to the city so far. I understand there are "high density" (not that high in reality, probably no more than 20 units/acre) apartments planned for the area behind the theater. do any of you know anything about this?

I'm disturbed that of most the business so far located at this mixed-use area are national chains. I can't see how locating a few thousand minimum-wage jobs

in a concentrated area will have any benefit in terms of a long-range economic multiplier effect. I suppose the city has intentionally directed office space closer in toward downtown.

anyway as I mentioned in the personal intro I'm very wary of high-priced, big business urbanist sprawl. I'd like to hear what others think of the knapp street site, because I'm not sold. I liked the orchards better than starbuck's.

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I have not heard much about High-density residential behind the Celebration Village project. I can tell you that they are currently building a 3-4 story building in front of the theatre (continuing with the quasi-new urbanism theme). This building is slated for offices. I like the mixed use theme here, as the main street in the complex will feel a little bit like Main Street. Unfortunately, they didn't keep a handle on the development enough and some of the New Urbanism ideals were thrown out the window partially due to infighting between the two partners (John Loeks and Jim Reminga). They are now suing each other over various issues. Even with all this, it is still somewhat unique and the architecture is decent.


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