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Kansas City Development Update...

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Here is an update on some of the Downtown projects going on here in KCMO...

Power and Light District

Buildings on other blocks are now being leveled. 3/7 blocks are cleared or being cleared.

Cordish has said that they plan to build a 17 floor, 250 unit residential tower along with the 18 floor H&R Block HQ.

Cordish also reported that 70% of the retail and restaurant space has been leased, but hasn't released any tenant names...





IRS Construction

Not much new, it is still well under construction with 5 tower cranes constructing it.


Federal Reserve HQ relocation

Much of the current buildings have been demolished to make way for the 14 story tower.


Truman Boulevard

This idea was brought up by HNTB Architects. It plans to add a 1000 room, 40+ floor hotel to the southern loop area. Just next to the Power and Light District.

Sprint Center Arena

The arena group is now looking for a construction contractor to build the arena, a controversy has arisen since a Mpls company scored 99/100 of the possible points for the requirements to qualify for the contract.



Royals Downtown Stadium

Interest in moving the Kansas City Royals to Downtown KCMO has risen greatly. The Downtown Council, City Hall, and other companies are now creating a plan to bring the Royals downtown and will anounce their plan in 60 days. They will propose it to the Royals shortly after that time.



Downtown Streetscape Plan

SOM has been approved to come up with designs for a streetscape plan for the area inside the downtown loop. The plan will include adding many many trees, bushes, grass, streetlights, pedestrian lights, and better sidewalks. They also may add lights to the sidewalks called bollards. Possible bus shelters will also be added.

Downtown Housing

More downtown housing projects have been proposed, and more have been completed.

Experts say that sales of units in the loop have slowed down a bit. However have increased in the River Market and Crossroads districts. They expect it to skyrocket in the loop again with the projects going on there.

Block Realtors Tower

A local real estate company, Block Realtors Inc. have proposed to build a 20 floor residential/office tower on the last half of the block that is going to be occupied by the Federal Reserve.

Bartle Hall Ballroom

The Bartle Hall Ballroom is still in planning, some of the plans have been changed to accompany the proposed Truman Boulevard Plan.


Perfoming Arts Center

The PAC hit a road bump when Bistate II was rejected by voters in metro counties in Nov. 2004.

However it is still going to be built. We suspect only 2/3 of the "humps" will be built at first, and the third will be added in a later expansion.


Downtown Library

The Downtown Library has been completed and is functioning (of course)



And of course, much much more going on...

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