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KC Metro Development thread

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$3.5bil in Downtown Redevelopment


Sprint Center Arena

$250mil project

18,000-20,000 seats

Housing NABC and possibly NBA or NHL

Groundbreaking in March 2005

Completion in Spring 2007

Construction contractor has been chosen, 70% of the workers are from KC and 20% are from Minneapolis

Designers are made up of the Dream Team of HOK Sports, Ellerbe Beckett, 360 Architecture, Rafael Architects, Inc.

Location is Downtown at 13th and Grand

Financing plan as follows:

Project Cost: $225 - $250,000,000

Funding Sources:

AEG $ 50,000,000

Tax Credit Financing 20,000,000

NABC Contributions 10,000,000

Project Financing 170,000,000

Project Financing:

Annual Funding Requirements $ 13,250,000

Annual Funding Sources:

Hotel License Fee $ 3,375,000

Car Rental License Fee 7,000,000

User Fees/Contract Revenue 4,000,000





Original Rendering:


Newest Rendering:



Power & Light District

$400mil development

Groundbreaking and construction is already underway.

As of Jan. 2005, 70% of the retail and restaurant space has been leased.

Groundbreaking started in Winter 2004

Completion will be in Spring 2006

It will include 5 residential towers totalling 1,400 units.

The first tower, to start construction in early 2005, will be 17 floors and 250 units.

Location is Downtown, between 12th Street and I-670, and Baltimore and Grand.





Newest Renderings:




H&R Block Tower

$140mil project

about 400,000 square feet

Construction started September 15th 2004

Completion in 2006

The tower is to be 18 floors

Location is Downtown at 13th and Main






Downtown Performing Arts Center

$300mil project

2,200 seat theatre and 1,800 seat concert hall

Construction to start in mid/late 2005

Completion in 2008

Construction has been delayed since some of the money was rejected in Bistate II by voters, only 2 humps will be constructed, the last will be part of a later expansion.

The project is also being held off because discussion on the location of a parking garage is being negotiated.

Location is Downtown at 15th & Broadway








Bartle Hall Ballroom

$186mil project

Construction starts in early 2005

Completion in 2007

The construction of the ballroom is an expansion of the Bartle Hall Convention Center, the last expansion was in the early 90s.

The ballroom will span over I-670 just like the Bartle Hall Convention Center just to its west.

The design was slightly changed to fit in with the Truman Boulevard idea.

Location is Downtown over I-670 between 14th Street and 16th Street.







Downtown Baseball Stadium

$350mil project

30,000-45,000 seats

Housing the Kansas City Royals

Groundbreaking unknown

Completion unknown

This idea was originally brought up in late 2003 and flourished in early/mid 2004 and then died out. Now, since Bistate II failed in November, the idea has risen again, and City Hall and the Downtown Council are working on ideas and a plan to possibly move the Royals from the Truman Sports Complex, to Downtown.

The plan would call for moving the Royals downtown and leaving the Chiefs at the TSC, possibly renovating Arrowhead and demolishing Kauffman Stadium.




Designer and Forumer renderings:




Truman Boulevard

$80mil project

Groundbreaking Unknown

Completion Unknown

Location, Downtown from Wyandotte to Baltimore and from 13th Street to I-670

This plan calls for capping I-670 and adding a 1,000 room hotel, as well as a 140ft Glass Atrium between the Ballroom and Municipal Auditorium.

The 1,000 room hotel would be located at 14th and Baltimore.

The idea was proposed by HNTB Architects, one of KC's largest architectural firms.

The hotel is planned to be about 40 floors, and a few feet smaller than the P&L Tower, which could make it 4th tallest building in Kansas City.




1034 Main

Groundbreaking Unknown

Completion Unknown

Location, Downtown at 1034 Main

This plan calls for a 600,000 square foot, 40+ floor tower to be built at 1034 Main.

The developers, Copaken White and Blitt have said that the plan has not been abandoned. However they will be willing to wait till even 2010 until a tenant arises.

With the current office market in Kansas City, this won't be built for at least 2 more years, maybe more.




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Kansas City Star Printing Press

$200mil project

Groundbreaking started 2003

Completion in 2005

Location is Downtown between I-670 and 17th streets

This is a project that will add a new printing press to the KC Star facility. You will be able to see the printing presses from I-670, Sprint Center, and the P&L District.







Kansas City Ballet

Groundbreaking in 2005

Completion unknown

Location, Downtown at 16th and Wyandotte

This is a plan to replace the Ballet that will be demolished for the Performing Arts Center Construction. It will be the smallest in the 4 entertainment building set comprised of Bartle Hall Convention Center, Bartle Hall Ballroom, Perfoming Arts Center and the Ballet.

It is also the smallest building in the entire entertainment district.





IRS HQ Relocation

$300mil project

Bringing 6,000 employees downtown.

A 4,200 space parking garage planned.

Over 1 million square feet of office space.

Groundbreaking early 2004.

Completion in 2007.

Location, Downtown at Pershing and Broadway.

This is a large complex for the IRS, it will relocate the post office to Union Station and add 6,000 employees to downtown.

There are a total of 5 tower cranes working on the complex.

The height of the buildings is just 6 floors in one of Downtown's lowest areas.


Renderings and Photos:




Federal Reserve Relocation

$200mil project

Demolition in August 2004

Groundbreaking in 2005

Completion in 2007

Location, Downtown at 29th and Main

Tallest building is 14 floors

This project has caused a lot of uproar mainly because of the design. They plan on building a 14 floor tower in a 14 acre lot. Having the building in the middle of it surrounded by grass and open area.

The building looks to be designed after the nearby BMA Tower.





HOK Sports HQ

$22mil project

Groundbreaking in August 2004

Completion in 2005

180,000 square feet of office space

Parking Garage with 315 spaces

Location, Downtown at 4th and Wyandotte

This project was revised a few times and then HOK Sports decided they would move onto the property, they plan to build this 6 floor building.

They also plan to include a 50ftx50ft screen that will display their projects and sporting events.




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All of these projects look great. What is the deal with the building at 1034 Main? And when will this 40 floor hotel be going up? Do you have any pictures? What about the KC Royals moving downtown, has that idea been lost? If all of these projects became reality, KC would never look the same again...and I mean that in a good way.

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