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UCF: Approved/Proposed Projects

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I'll post more later, but here's enough for now... Hopefully we can keep a UCF topic in this Orlando forum. I think a lot of your would be interested to know the details of whats going on there. I have a lot of inside information about the medical program and science facilities, that I will post tomorrow. Enjoy, goodnight.

I. Future (9 projects, $48,750,000)

a. Arts Complex III - Theater ($7,500,000) To be programmed in year 2003-2004.

b. Business Administration III ($10,700,000)

c. Classroom Building II ($12,000,000)

d. UCF/Econ Trail ($TBD) Extension of the Econ Trail through the University of Central Florida.

e. Engineering Building I Renovation ($2,600,000) Yet to be programmed.

f. Graduate Studies ($TBD) Study in progress.

g. Math and Physics Building Renovation ($7,200,000) Programming on hold.

h. Nursing Annex ($6,250,000) Yet to be programmed.

i. Wastewater Plant Expansion ($2,500,000) Seminole County impact fee $2,500,000 for 500,000 GPD in 2004/2005. (100,000 GPD units)

II. Programming (3 projects, $49,400,000)

a. Bio-Medical Science Research Center ($24,400,000) Programming on hold.

b. Interdisciplinary Research Building ($25,000,000)

c. Physical Sciences ($TBD) To be programmed in year 2004.

III. Review (1 project, $13,900,000)

a. Arts Complex II - Performance ($13,900,000)

IV. Approved (2 projects, $22,500,000)

a. Hazardous Waste Expansion ($1,500,000)

b. Utilities, Infrastructure, Capital Renewal, & Roofs ($21,000,000)

V. Advertisement/Selection/Negotiation (2 projects, $150,000)

a. CREOL Expansion ($TBD)

b. Photogrammetric Mapping Project ($150,000) Develop a photogrammetric map of the campus and begin to document all utilities in specific layers. Submissions due February 15, 2005.

VI. Conceptual Development (23 projects, $TBD)

a. Arboretum Pavilion ($TBD) Study and conceptual design in progress.

b. Bookstore Addition ($TBD)

c. Campus Sculpture ($TBD)

d. Career Services and Experiential Learning Center ($5,359,887) Architect: BB&M

e. Dynamic Media Center ($TBD) Develop design concept.

f. Engineering II Elevation Study ($TBD)

g. Field House Banners ($614,000)

e. Florida Center for Arts and Education ($TBD) Conceptual design in progress.

f. Intramural Playing Fields ($TBD) Conceptual sketches in progress.

g. Libra Drive Widening (Tree Farm) ($TBD) Study the probable effects of widening Libra Drive.

h. Memory Mall (Clock Tower) ($TBD) Revised concept complete.

i. Millican Hall (Third Floor) ($TBD) Study and design to begin shortly.

j. Northwest Quadrant Study ($TBD) Yet to be programmed.

k. Parking Garage Tower ($TBD)

l. Partnership Campus ($TBD)

m. Partnership III ($TBD)

n. Parking Garage Classroom ($TBD)

o. Plasma Screen ($TBD)

p. President's Dining Facility ($TBD)

q. Police Building ($TBD)

r. Retirees' Monument ($TBD)

s. Stadium Concepts ($TBD)

VII. Design (7 projects, $105,310,001)

a. Band Building ($TBD)

b. Campus Master Plan 2005 ($310,000)

c. Education Building Landscape Project ($TBD)

d. Library Expansion ($78,000,000) Architect: Holzman Moss

e. Parking Garage V ($13,000,000) Architect: BH&M

f. Psychology Building ($14,000,001)

g. Storm Water Master Plan ($TBD)

VIII. Construction (17 projects, $211,330,273)

a. Alumni Center ($5,750,000)

b. Recreational Services Outdoor Pool ($2,898,544)

c. Student Resource Center ($3,977,933)

d. Student Union Additional Build-out ($1,993,229)

e. Tennis Center ($750,000)

f. Engineering Building III ($18,989,000)

g. Expo Center Remodeling ($TBD)

h. Gemini Blvd. South Realignment ($1,512,417)

i. Millican Hall Plaza Development ($TBD)

j, Visitor's Information Booth ($TBD)

k. Multilingual-Multicultural Center / Tensile Structure ($2,752,723)

l. Nanotechnology (Fourth Floor) ($TBD)

m. Partnership II ($20,500,000)

n. Rosen School Dormitories ($19,000,000)

o. Student Health Center ($7,999,564) Architect: MATEU Hunton Brady, Joint Venture

p. University Welcome Center ($4,400,000)

q. Wayne Densch Athletic Sports Complex and Convocation Center ($120,806,863)

IX. Close-Out (17 projects, $196,550,348)

a. Academic Villages Phase II ($62,919,314)

b. Business Administration II ($10,300,000)

c. Baseball Stadium ($2,834,576)

d. Bio Science Annex ($9,825,000)

e. Bio Science Renovation ($6,300,000)

f. Center for Public Safety/Security ($9,064,000)

g. Education Building Remodeling ($6,000,000)

h. Engineering Building II ($18,654,944)

i. Engineering Building II (Fourth Floor) ($407,371)

j. Gemini Blvd/Orion Blvd. Expansion ($1,500,000)

k. Health and Public Affairs II ($10,425,000)

l. Honors Center ($2,960,000)

m. Hospitality Management School ($28,104,587)

n. Library Wall ($TBD)

o. Modular Relocations ($TBD)

p. Parking Garage IV ($10,009,226)

q. Teaching Center Academy ($11,246,330)

r. Wayne Densch Sports Center Building ($6,000,000)

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Its good to see UCF getting a bit more variety in their designs from that red brick box style they had going for a while. This sort of puts into perspective the unbelievable growth they are going through over there. Amazing.

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Thanks for putting together that list. I agree that this thread should probably be moved to the Orlando section.

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