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Let's meet this Thursday evening...


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The established clubs around Jacksonville are set for Super Bowl week. They have the star power on guest lists and the Cristal champagne chilling.

But around town, especially on East Bay Street, new clubs are popping up out of what used to be storefronts and empty spaces.

Warehouse Lounge will open just in time for Super Bowl and, because it is sponsored by a non-profit organization (the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill), it can acquire a liquor license for four days, said Mike Ranne, who is putting on the event with his wife, Julia Saddath.

They will have a cafe on the first floor and will dedicate a couple of the top floors for a club and a quieter art lounge.

A few buildings away is Jackson's Hole. On Friday, the paint was still fresh and the bar was bare-bones. Vince O'Rourke, who also owns high-end jazz club Eclate next door, says he expects the new place -- a kind of sports bar -- open by Wednesday.

O'Rourke said they will bring in about 10 times their normal ammunition of alcohol and food. And he said he's got a few bottles of Cristal, the preferred champagne of celebs, just in case someone really important comes through the door.

Tom Fisher, who partially owns Plush and Leopard Lounge, said his clubs also have stocked up on Cristal. And they've got a solid lineup of private and public parties on the schedule. It begins Wednesday with OutKast's Diamond Party and ends Sunday with the Player's Ball.

Kartouche on Forsyth Street also has a packed schedule. It starts on Tuesday with the Upstart Record Pool Party and ends Sunday with R. Kelly's Chocolate Factory Party.


maybe the Warehouse Lounge???

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oh...Lakelander, i know you are 27, others???  up for getting together Thursday night?  what IS everyone's ages on here?


I'm the big 4 5 and can be found at Mudville a couple times a week,and when TUC gets the full bar in,I may be found there.I'll be downtown most nights this week getting pics of the festivities.Pick a night and a place and i'll drop in.I'll probably be on the bicycle. B)

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