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Downtown Durham Development Map

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The next few years have the potential to be absolutely monumental for Durham. The combination of ATC2, the police HQ redevelopment, South Bank redevelopment  (anticipated) and Northgate redevelopment

This seems to be serving as the general Durham thread so I will cross-post here. I attended the State of Downtown Durham Summit today and one of the segments included commentary from developers of the

Some photos from downtown Durham yesterday.   First couple photos are the new 555 Magnum office building now under way and the adjacent apartments recently completed.  Then One City Center and lastly

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Found this quick little video that effectively shows current apartment projects in and around downtown Durham. Its amazing how much has happened in the almost 2 years I have been gone. 




Also, there is a concise listing of current and proposed projects going on around town. Good stuff.



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Sweet. I've had Ponysaurus a few times and loved it. Was the longest line at the last NC beerfest in DTR. Durham should have more breweries as I think a city that is more 'Portlandia' than Portland (as noted by the creators of Portlandia) and with so much warehouse and industrial space, should. 

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Been inside the Lousiville one. It's pretty awesome. The art is not what we normally see here. Durham can handle this, so I am glad it's there. If it was in Raleigh the GA would find a way to legislate it out of existence. (hell they might still even in Durham)

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Jack Tar Hotel renovation is supposedly set to break ground any day, or so that was the word a couple months ago.



Jack Tar Hotel*


Break ground Q1 2015, deliver Q1 2016


Durham, NC

  • 75 hotel rooms
  • 7,000 SF rooftop deck w/ pool
  • 12,000 SF of retail space
  • 250-space Class A parking deck
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it looks to me like all or at least most of the tenants at street level where this jar tar project is located have vacated.  one would assume that construction is imminent, but who knows.   


here's a fascinating look at this block's history:



edit: the developer's website has quietly pushed the groundbreaking timeline back to Q3 from Q1 of this year.  

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More recent article from N&O:  http://www.newsobserver.com/news/business/biz-columns-blogs/article28717252.html

And looking at the site plan image from the Nov 2014 TBJ article (http://www.bizjournals.com/triangle/blog/real-estate/2014/11/apartments-roxboro-street-hendrick-downtown-durham.html ), looks like the red area will be the first developed as mid-rise residential that you see everywhere else in the Triangle, so hardly noteworthy at this point.  If the towers get built, then this could be a remarkable project.  Until then, looks like more of the same to me.

Elkin Crysler site is being developed by Northwood Ravin and they haven't announced an specific plans.

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Thanks. I should have said Elkins not Elkin. I bought a new car there in 2003... almost certainly the last time I will buy new from a downtown dealer simply because there are none left. In Raleigh there aren't many remaining new car dealers ITB, either.

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600 willard st hotel was purchased and will become a graduate brand hotel. 


also on the hotel front, the durham hotel (downtown next to the post office) and residence inn by east campus are complete and open.   the new aloft next to dpac is set to open in a month.  

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Interesting. No doubt downtown Durham could use townhouses and this is about the right distance from the core for them. Some musings/questions:

Gordon is a dirt street. in the year 2017 downtown Durham still had a dirt street. Wow.

On Google street view, Yancey has two one story triple A victorian cottages on skids, but I can;t tell if they are being moved in or moved out. The satellite overhead shows them not there. Can anyone confirm the status of those two houses?

I notice most of this land is vacant but one building is labeled Durham mens halfway house. Is that still there? It looks like a house...how old does it appear to be? Poor Durham lost scores of mansions in this area...if there is one left here with any potential, I hope it'd be saved/moved...I'll have to take a drive out there and take a look. 

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