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Downtown Durham Development Map

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Spreedly is moving from it's 10Ksqft HQ to 25Ksqft on the 4th floor of 7 story Durham.ID building. 


In 2015, the company announced it had raised $3 million in investments and employed around 12 people. In the years since, Spreedly has grown to around 65 employees -- up 40 percent from a year ago -- and the company says the new move will position it for future growth and talent acquisition. 


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The next few years have the potential to be absolutely monumental for Durham. The combination of ATC2, the police HQ redevelopment, South Bank redevelopment  (anticipated) and Northgate redevelopment

This seems to be serving as the general Durham thread so I will cross-post here. I attended the State of Downtown Durham Summit today and one of the segments included commentary from developers of the

Some photos from downtown Durham yesterday.   First couple photos are the new 555 Magnum office building now under way and the adjacent apartments recently completed.  Then One City Center and lastly

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On 3/26/2021 at 8:28 PM, KJHburg said:

Google already has jobs posted for their eventual 1000 jobs in Durham.

Durham - Google Careers

this is my guess they will end up taking both buildings in the new Hines ATC west campus downtown.  Just my guess but those timber built office buildings look right up a tech firm's alley.

ATC West (American Tobacco Campus) - Hines

I would certainly agree that the ATC expansion is probably the front runner for a few reasons:

—More of a “campus” feel than other available options

—The aesthetic that you mentioned appears to align with the design these companies favor

—Its literally next to 147, mostly easy entry/exit aside from Bulls and/or DPAC events

—Close proximity to most of the key downtown activities

That said, I’m sure any of the developers with a project underway that could meet Google’s needs will be fighting like crazy to land them as a tenant. How about this for a less obvious option? Longfellow could build them a fairly customized building in the heart of downtown as part of the long-term Durham ID campus plan. 

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4 hours ago, Durham_Transplant said:

Forgot to add the most obvious piece around the ATC expansion: timing. Google has said they want to/plan to be in the temporary space for 3 years (mid 2024). The ATC expansion is expected to start late 2021/early 2022. Seems to align pretty well.

Oh yes every developer in town will want them as a tenant and will pitch a building.  Those timber buildings appeal to tech firms though and ATC West is great project.  

I could see Kane riding over from Raleigh and pitching a place and East West Partners from nearby Chapel Hill.  and I would not count Northwood out either as they just finished up 555 Mangum. 

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Refreshed administrative building looks solid.


New library.


I've always thought the Marriott deserved an update.  It looks so weird compared to both the classic buildings throughout downtown as well as the modern ones.


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