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Ulawful Entry Is the Question

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By the look of this gateway, could it be a crime to go inside?

This is the entrance of old Redfern Railway Workshop Yard. There are signs indicating the way to theatre production warehouses inside. The only thing that gives a clue to "no trespassing" is the furthest stand inside, where small, rusty, fading and valdalised signs beneath the "WASTE DUMPING PROHIBITED" says:




I wonder who would not disregard all the confusing signs.

I took these photos as evidence of ambiguous signs, because Railcorp Transit Officers issued me with a fine for the offence of "Go/be on Railway Land" on 14 December 2004.

This is actually one my favorite locations in Sydney and the workshop will soon be demolished as part of a redevelopment plan by Redfern-Waterloo Authority. Check out the photos I took on the day in my Corrode Series:

railyard0406_01-thumb.jpg railyard0405_01-thumb.jpg railyard0404_01-thumb.jpg railyard0403_01-thumb.jpg

I had been there before for a number of times without any warnings from anyone about the infringement.

railyard0301_02-thumb.jpg railyard0401_01-thumb.jpg

It's a popular spot for other photographers too, and people walks their dogs there as well.

Now I am facing AU$400 penalty and have decided to fight it in the local court. Please leave comment on my site for your support. It will be greatly appriciated.

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OK I'm in the inner city (Glebe) and pass through Chipendale and Redfern often. I'm still trying to picture where this is.

Looks rather flat.

BTW Welcome to the site trinnity.

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