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The world's largest Furniture market is underway


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Fall Furniture Market Underway

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High Point

Some three-thousand manufacturers are displaying their goods beginning Thursday at the fall edition of the International Home Furnishings Market.

Furniture, lighting and accessories will be spread across eleven and a half million feet of showroom space in 185 buildings in and around High Point.

The twice-a-year trade show draws attendance from all 50 states and 110 foreign countries. Average attendance for the one-week event is around 80-thousand with an economic impact of 330 million dollars a year.

This is great for High Point. It would wonderful if High Point had markets like this more often through the year.

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I know alot of big name people are there like Martha Stewart. The hotels in High Point and Greensboro seemed to be maxed out because the PGA Chrysler Classic of Greensboro is going on as well.

High Point can be high priced as well. I know there is a large furniture mall in High Point. I don't know if you'll find what you're looking for but its great to come to High Point just to window shop.

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My parents made a vacation out of going to the furniture mall in High Point. It was the least fun family vacation ever! It would've been better if we could've saw some other things along the way. Oh well...we did get an overly expensive dining room set out of the whole thing, which then had to be shipped all the way back to Michigan.

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