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Super Bowl XXXIX in Jacksonville

Who will win the Super Bowl?  

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  1. 1. Who will win the Super Bowl?

    • New England Patriots
    • Philadelphia Eagles

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As much as I'd like the Lombardi come back to Pennsylvania (even if its in that puke green and white in the east lol) it hurts me to say the Patsies will probably win . . . if they do I guess they've earned being called finally the Patriots :) No more ghosts of January 1986 against Ditka for NE anymore if they win 3 in 4 years!

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Some of the Patriots were on Letterman last night...

Top Ten Things You Don't Want to Hear In A Huddle

10. "I hope this game ends soon--I'm parked at a meter."

Wide Receiver, Troy Brown

9. "I hope someone's Tivoing 'Desperate Housewives'."

Line Backer, Ted Johnson

8. "See you losers later--I just won the Iraqi election. "

Tackle, Matt Light

7. "Hey, I thought of another word that rhymes with huddle--cuddle."

Line Backer, Tedy Bruschi

6. "Does anyone else's helmet smell like egg salad?"

Line Backer, Rosevelt Colvin

5. "John Madden's hitting on your wife."

Line Backer, Mike Vrabel

4. "Oh my God, Leonardo Dicaprio is in the first row--I think I'm gonna pass out."

Line Backer, Larry Izzo

3. "The equipment manager screwed up, so we're all gonna have to share a mouth guard."

Line Backer, Willie McGinest

2. "Hold Me."

Wide Receiver, Deion Branch

1. "Since we live in Massachusetts we should think about getting hitched."

Kicker, Adam Vinatieri

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