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From The Budapest Sun:

February 3, 2005 - Volume XIII, Issue 5

Budapest office rental rates still competitive

By Kester Eddy

BUDAPEST still one of world's cheapest locations for office space, screamed the press release last week from the local branch of real estate firm Cushman & Wakefield Healey & Baker (C&W/H&B).

Cutting out the spin - it could equally read Budapest 25th most expensive location in the world for office space- the Hungarian capital still represents good value for offices, despite climbing two places, up from 27th, last year on a list of 47 cities in the world's leading countries. This year's edition of Business Space Across the World (a C&W/H&B annual study) reveals prime office space in Budapest has total occupancy costs of

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Does Budapest have a high-rise district?


Sort of. The central business area in Pest is getting taller all the time. There are some fairly interesting/attractive office spaces there, but nothing on a New York or Chicago scale of height.

But the other thing is that they have tons of old Stalinist high-rise aprtment complexes just outside the city center. Think Co-Op City in Queens and you'll have an idea.

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