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Name your DT eateries

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I might have missed a few, but here is the list for Downtown Raleigh (Glenwood addresses refer to Glenwood South area):

518 West Italian Cafe

518 W. Jones Str

(919) 829-2518

Cork Wine and Spirits

311 S. Harrington St.

(919) 832-3700

Five Star

511 W. Hargett St.

(919) 833-3311


620 Glenwood Ave.

(919) 832-6799


410 Glenwood Ave. Suite 350

(919) 834-3070

42nd Street Oyster Bar

508 W. Jones Street

(919) 831-2811

America's Pita & Grill

121 Fayetteville Street Mall Suite 108

(919) 899-6399


200 E. Martin Street (City Market)

(919) 832-2994

April & George Wine Bar

414 Glenwood Ave

(919) 828-9082

Armadillo Grill

439 Glenwood Avenue

(919) 546-0555

Berkley Cafe

217 W. Martin Street

(919) 821-0777

Big Ed's City Market Restaurant

220 Wolfe Street (City Market)

(919) 836-9909

Biscuit Station

100 N. Person Street

(919) 828-2795

Bistro 607

607 Glenwood Ave.

(919) 828-0840

Bogart's American Grill

510 Glenwood Ave suite 109

(919) 832-1122

Cafe Carolina and Bakery

150 Fayetteville Street Mall

(919) 834-9117

Cafe Cuba

19 W. Hargett St.

(919) 821-8400

Cafe Udine (Espresso Bar)

421 S. Salisbury Street

Caffe Luna

136 E. Hargett Street

(919) 832-6090

Capital City Club

411 Fayetteville Street Mall (21st Floor)

(919) 832-5526

Cardinal Club

150 Fayetteville Street Mall Suite 2800 (28th Floor)

(919) 834-8829

Center Plaza Sundries Shop

411 Fayetteville Street Mall

(919) 832-9720


618 Hillsborough Street

(919) 821-7636

China Market

16 W. Martin Street

(919) 831-1124

Clyde's City Cafe

10 E. Hargett Street

(919) 8340090

Cody's Chinese Bistro & Pub

301 Glenwood Avenue, Suite 190

(919) 848-4663

Cooper's BBQ & Catering

109 E. Davie Street

(919) 832-7614

Cream & Bean

130 E. Hargett Street

(919) 833-2002

DiBella Ristorante

208 Wolfe Street

(919) 863-0048

El Rodeo

329 S. Blount Street

(919) 829-0777


19 W. Hargett Street.

(919) 890-4500


309 Blake Street

(919) 834-7752

Fast Break

314 S. Salisbury Street

(919) 833-7070

Finch's Restaurant

401 W. Peace Street

(919) 834-7396

Greenshields Brewery & Pub

214 E. Martin Street

(919) 829-0214

Grove Cafe

421 S. Salisbury Street

(919) 256-1407

Hard Times Cafe

410 Glenwood Avenue

(919) 835-1600

Hi-5 Sports Bar

510 Glenwood Ave.

(919) 834-4335

Hibernian Pub & Restaurant

311 Glenwood Ave

(919) 833-2258

Humble Pie

317 S. Harrington Street

(919) 829-9222

Jillian's Billiard Cafe

117 S. West Street

(919) 821-7887

Jimmie's Market and Grill

237 S. Wilmington Street

(919) 832-8606

Joe's Place

301 W. Martin Street

(919) 832-5260

Layton's Catering

223 W. Martin Street

(919) 829-1234

Lighthouse Restaurant

411 Fayetteville Street Mall

(919) 546-6488

Mellow Mushroom

601 W. Peace Street

(919) 832-3499

Mo's Diner

306 E. Hargett Street

(919) 856-9938

Mojoe's Burger Joint

620 Glenwood Avenue

(919) 832-6799

Moonlight Pizza

615 W. Morgan Street

(919) 755-9133

Northern Star Deli

301 Glenwood Avenue

(919) 743-0560

Oriental Express

126A. S. Salisbury Str

(919) 832-6862

Red Rock Cafe

421 Fayetteville Street Mall

(919) 664-8777

Ri Ra Irish Pub

126 N. West Street

(919) 833-5535

Rum Runners Dueling Piano Bar & Grill

208 East Martin Street

(919) 755-6436

Sam & Wally's

434 Fayetteville Street Mall

(919) 829-7215

Seaboard Cafe

707-A Semart Drive

(919) 821-7553

Second Empire Restaurant & Tavern

330 Hillsborough Street

(919) 829-3663

Side Street Restaurant

225 N. Bloodworth Street

(919) 828-4927

Southend Brewery and Smokehouse

505 W. Jones Street

(919) 832-4604

Square Rabbit

19 E. Martin Street

(919) 829-9223


609 W. Peace Street

(919) 754-9007

Station II Cafe and Grill

126-A S. Salisbury Street

(919) 834-2625

Stool Pigeons Coop & Grill

410 Glenwood Avenue

(919) 831-0400

Sullivan's Steakhouse

414 Glenwood Avenue

(919) 833-2888

Sunflower's Sandwich Shoppe

315 Glenwood Avenue

(919) 833-4676

Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen

106 S. Wilmington Str

(919) 833-4943

Sushi Blues Cafe

301 Glenwood Avenue

(919) 664-8061

Sushi Breeze

200 S. West Street

(919) 821-9818

Sweet Tea and Grits, Inc.

307 Blake Str

(919) 834-7752

T. S. Scala's Pizza & Pasta

421 Fayettville Street Mall

(919) 664-8969

Taza's Grill

116 N. West Street

(919) 856-0222

The Brass Grill

208-210 S. Wilmington Street

(919) 833-9595

The Cellar Sports Bar

218 W. Cabarras Street

(919) 828-1102

The Cock-eyed Chef

301 Glenwood Ave

(919) 743-0560

The Duck & Dumpling

222 S. Blount Street

(919) 838-0085

The Flying Saucer

328 W. Morgan Street

(919) 821-7401

The Mecca Restaurant

13 E. Martin Street

(919) 832-5714

The New Oakwood Cafe

300 E. Edenton Street

(919) 828-5994

The Roast Grill-Hot Weiners

7 S. West Street


The Rockford

320 1/2 Glenwood Avenue

(919) 821-9020

The Warehouse-Max's Restaurant

427 S. Dawson Street

(919) 836-9966

Tir na nOg

218 S. Blount Street

(919) 833-7795

Top of the Tower (Clarion Hotel State Capital)

320 Hillsborough Street

(919) 582-1812

Two T's Rack & Tavern

108 E. Hargett Street

(919) 836-9922

Vertigo Diner

426 S. McDowell Street

(919) 832-4477

Vic's Italian Cafe & Pizzeria

331 Blake Street


Yancey's Jazz & Blues Cafe

205 Wolfe Street

(919) 839-1991

I excluded all fast food chains, and you may find 1-2 places (maybe none) in this list that serve only breakfast, but I tried to keep the list realistic and within the limits of DT Raleigh. I haven't visited them all, so I can't say how great they all are. Also, some of them may have limited menu (e.g. a wine bar), but they are eateries, too.

PompeyJohnson, if you continue dragging me into threads that require research and thought, I am going to lose my job some day... Let's hope not :)

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I know that the Downtown Raleigh Association includes Glenwood South in their to make a fair comparison to Charlotte I would include SouthEnd since it is connected to Uptown by Trolley (just like Raleigh, except their trolley is a bus)

So that brings the grand total of eateries in downtown Charlotte to over 150.

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uptownliving: Glenwood South IS part of Downtown Raleigh. That was done after Downtown Alliance requested the city to include it as part of the center, years ago. That was exactly the reason behind Glenwood South's appeal, otherwise City Market and Warehouse would have gotten the lion's share in entertainment investments. Both the Alliance and the City of Raleigh are the two major (and probably only) forces behind DT Raleigh. Glenwood South owes its success to these two organizations, which pushed and financed the recent renovation. I honestly do not know much about Raleigh Downtown Association, so I can't comment on their position. The City of Raleigh has a map of what is considered downtown, and Glenwood South is in... for the last 3-4 years, at least.

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Not a complete list, but here are some in downtown Tuscaloosa :

Buffalo's American Grille - 3-story building built in the 1920s as a department store, converted to a brewpub a few years ago, then vacant awhile before Buffalo's moved in. Menu includes buffalo burgers.

Mellow Mushroom - 2 stories + an outdoor balcony w/ ironwork.

DePalma's - Largest wine selection in town, located in ground floor of a former bank building (3 stories), built in 1871.

Cafe' Venice - Ground floor is dining area, owners are in the process of converting the second floor into their living space.

Cotton Club - Dining and dancing in the historic old train station.

Hooligan's - Owner from Kuwait, Mediterranean-American cuisine.

Restaurant Korea - Small place with a limited menu, but the only Korean place in town.

Roly Poly - Yes, it's a chain, but this one has a neat mural of downtown on the inner wall. One comical element is Amsouth with 4:20 on the clock.

E.J.'s Wings and Things, Cobblestone Cafe', and Ken's Downtown Pizza & Grill are on either side.

Wilhagan's Sports Grille - Also a location in Nashville, includes billiards.

Mike'n'Ed's BBQ - "You can smell our butts for miles !"

Jalapeno's - 2 stories

The Waysider - An Alabama breakfast tradition...

Alabama Grill & Courtyard - Includes small outdoor dining area in back.

Innisfree (Irish pub) - Opened a second location in Birmingham.

Epiphany Cafe' - "Upscale Southern cuisine."

Rama Jama's - Breakfast & lunch.

KFC, Burger King, Hardee's, assorted bars...

"The Strip" area is technically not in downtown, but practically serves as the university's downtown. It's the 3-4 block area connecting downtown and campus along University Boulevard. There are maybe 20 bars and restaurants there.

When Mercedes officials first visited Alabama, one of the places they stopped was The Houndstooth, and they remarked that the Strip area reminded them of a little New Orleans. Here are some Strip restaurants :


Hale's Tavern - Louisiana-style gumbo, etc.

Wingfingers and Buffalo Phil's are wing places.

Bento - Japanese steak house

lai lai - Chinese

pepito's - Mexican

Tut's - Pizza and Mediterranean-style offerings (baklava, etc).

Crimson Cafe' International Coffee House includes wireless internet access and Guatemalan coffee, while Bad A$$ Coffee Company features Hawaiian coffee.

Chains like Qdoba and Firehouse Subs are there, along with purely local specialties like the Dumplin House (great for breakfast).

Jupiter Bar & Grill is the largest place on the Strip, being in the former site of a 2-screen movie theater, and features a full menu, as well as name concerts, wrestling events, bikini contests, and everything else.

Downtown Northport has a few restaurants, also :

The Globe is one of the more acclaimed restaurants in this part of the state. Imagine Shakespearean decor in the middle of Mayberry.

City Cafe' - A decades-old "meat-and-three."

DeLane's on Main - for a light lunch.

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uptownliving: Glenwood South IS part of Downtown Raleigh. That was done after Downtown Alliance requested the city to include it as part of the center, years ago.

All things being equal, South End is a part of Charlotte's Uptown. Since I moved to the Charlotte area last summer, I noted that radio stations referred to the part of Uptown surrounded by I-277 as "North End"--as an attempt to show the complimentary nature of South End.

In order to intensify the bond between these two parts of Charlotte's CBD, the Center City 2010 plan includes a ~1 mile long freeway cap over the Belk Freeway--essentially burying 1 mile of I-277, making the transition from North End to South End virtually seamless. Nobody knows if this cap will be constructed by the 2010 deadline, but we can always hope for the best.

On the same note, though Glenwood South is often referred to outside of the rest of downtown Raleigh, it IS still downtown Raleigh... Glenwood South actually comprises a small portion of downtown Raleigh, whereas South End covers a much much larger area (several streets and many blocks) and could be viewed more as "the other half of Uptown".

In either case, I think both should be considered part of the whole.

On another note, and probably a ramble: I think that you could consider Midtown as part of the Center City area, since it more or less starts on the SE side of the 277 freeway (the only discernable transistion is the freeway overhead). In particular, old Independence Blvd, Kings Dr, Elizabeth Ave, 7th St (at Hawthorne), 4th St (aka Randolph Rd?) have some food/drink places and cafes (excluding fast food, which there are a few places).

My brother who lives in Chantilly, an old gridded neighborhood adjacent to the Plaza-Midwood district, considers himself to live "Uptown", though he is about 2 miles or so outside of the 277 freeway loop. However, I think that is a stretch. I can see the Midtown thing, but nothing farther out than that.

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Do I detect some Charlotte vs. Raleigh crap again? Who cares what one considers DT and what not? The topic of this thread is about eateries in what is considered officially to be downtown. In this case Glenwood South (which is a tiny portion of what's considered to be DT Raleigh) is part of the center, and it was developed as one. It is a pilot program that went well, and in the next few years you will see more areas in DT Raleigh being developed in a similar way. Now, if you want to include South End as part of Charlotte's downtown, I have no problem, or objection. The point of this thread seems to be more like sharing information rather than which city has the most... which is why I provided addresses, as well.

uptownliving: Two things: 1) I would appreciate it if when answering to my comments you don't alter the meaning of your original posting. Just add an update to it, or post a new message. Someone who reads my comment will have no idea why I replied the way I did. 2) Connecting an area with trolley doesn't qualify it as part of downtown. Glenwood South is not like Hillsborough Street (on the West Side); South Park seems to be like the latter. I have no problem at all if you want to include South Park on the list... just provide a list (if you want) where the rest of us can see what's available. When I visited Charlotte in the past, I had no idea where to go, and I wish there was a guidebook to read (maybe there was, but I did not see it anywhere). This is not about which city has the most eateries, so let's stop debating.

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Do I detect some Charlotte vs. Raleigh crap again? Who cares what one considers DT and what not? The topic of this thread is about eateries in what is considered officially to be downtown...

Well I don't detect any versus stuff at least. The conversation has somehow drifted to what is considered "downtown", which might be superfluous, but seems to be an acceptable conversation.

Did I miss a post or something? Or did I misread someone else's post? What exactly is going on...

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In Memphis, this site

lists 151 restaurants downtown, including fast food, etc.

Their geography is a bit of a stretch as they include the Medical Center in Memphis which is about a mile east of what most locals would really consider the CBD.

In the real downtown area, there are probably about 110 or so.

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Yeah, Showmars has quite a few uptown locations in the various buildings. Fuel Pizza also has what seems to be a million locations within the loop.

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Raleigh, sorry I meant to say Downtown Raleigh Alliance instead of Downtown Raleigh Association... but in anycase after you posted your listings for Raleigh, I thought it would be fair to readjust the numbers for Charlotte, since I then realized that SouthEnd these days is considered an extension of downtown for a lot of people, just like Glenwood South in Raleigh.

Also, just so you know...there is more than just a trolley connection between Center City and South End, there are streets and sidewalks as well. But I put in the trolley reference because it stregthens the ties between SouthEnd and Center City...just like the Trolley Bus in Raleigh.

And I don't think anyone here is making this a versus issue...nowhere did I say Charlotte has more than or less than any other city...the only person who brought up the versus issue was you.

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uptownliving: so we avoid any kind of misunderstandings, the reasons why I mentioned the whole "Charlotte vs. Raleigh" controversy was because: 1) you reacted to the fact the Glenwood South is part of DT Raleigh (why would anyone react to a fact?), as if you were trying to make DT Raleigh appearing smaller than it already is (my apologies IF I misunderstood), and 2) that you felt you had to change the Charlotte numbers right after that. If South End is part of Uptown Charlotte, then go ahead and provide the numbers; I won't doubt your word, nor will I react. I have nothing personal against you, so I will keep my mouth shut on this issue, but let's focus on our area's downtowns and the eateries.

So, Uptown Charlotte has 135 eateries (minus coffee shops, smoothie places, fast food chains, etc.). It may be hard to list them all, but can you (Charlotte forumers) give us a list of the top eateries? Maybe you can break them down to upscale dinning, live music, ethnic food, pizzerias, etc. Give a top-50 list, or provide a link on the Internet. Personally, I would love to know about all the options available because when I visit Charlottte, Uptown is the first place I am going to visit.

For more information on DT Raleigh, you can visit the following link:

Downtown Raleigh

Citysearch - Triangle

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For Raleigh NC, here is a list of eateries in Center City Charlotte:

Alexander Michael's - 401 W. Ninth St.

Appleby's - 555 S. McDowell St.

Aquavina - 435 South Tryon Street

Arabica Coffee House - 500 South College Street

Arthur's at Wachovia - 301 S. College St.

Bijoux Brasserie & Bar - 201 N. Tryon St.

Bistro 100 - 100 N. Tryon Steet, Suite 4150

Blue Restaurant & Bar - 214 North College St.

Bojangles - 127 North Tryon St.

Bojangles' Express - 310 E. Trade St.

Bravo Ristorante - 555 S. McDowell St.

Brick and Barrel Speakeasy - Corner of Tryon and Fifth

Brixx Woodfired Pizza - 225 E. Sixth St.

Brooks Sandwich House - 129 W. Trade St.

Burger King - 310 E. Trade St.

Buzzy and Bears Grill - 101 S Tryon Street

Caribou Coffee - 200 South College Street

Caribou Coffee - 100 N. Tryon St.

Cedar Street Tavern -

Champion's Sports Bar - 100 W. Trade St.

Charlene's - 631 N. Tryon St.

Charlotte City Club - 121 W. Trade St.

Charlotte Coffee Station - 301 S. College St.

Chick-Fil-A - 800 W Trade Street

Chick-Fil-A - 101 S. Tryon St.

Chicks - 320 South Tryon Street

China Inn - 326 S. Church St.

China King - 128 Brevard Ct

City Tavern - 127 N. Tryon St.

CJ's - 555 S. McDowell St.

Coffee & More - 200 N. College St.

Coffee & More - 400 S. Tryon Street

Coffee & More - 128 S. Tryon Street

Coffee Cup Grill - 914 S. Clarkson St.

College Place Restaurant - 300 S. College St.

College Street Station - 230 N. College St.

Connolly's on Fifth - 115 East 5th Street

Corabelle - 222 S. Church Street

Cosmos Cafe - 300 N. College St.

Courtyard Cafe - 138 Brevard Ct

Curry In A Hurry - 500 South College Street

Cuvee Wine + Art Gallery - 710 West Trade Street

Dean & Deluca - 201 S. Tryon St.

Dee's Uptown Cantina - 112 S Tryon Street

Dilworth Coffee House - 330 South Tryon Street

Dixie's Tavern - 301 E. Seventh St.

Einstein Bros. Bagels - 101 South Tryon Street

Ellen Davis - 511 N. Church St

Foodtyme - 201 S. College St.

Fox & Hound Smokehouse & Tavern - 330 N. Tryon Street

French Quarter Restaurant - 321 S. Church St.

Fresco Cafe & Deli - 144 Brevard Court

Fuel Pizza - 319 W. Trade St.

Fuel Pizza - Hearst Tower - 200 North College Street

Fuel Pizza Cafe - The Green - 500 South College St.

Fujiyama - 320 S. Tryon St.

Fujo Uptown Bistro - 301 South College Street, Suite 100

Fuse Box - 227 West Trade Street

Gloria Jean's Gourmet Coffee - 101 S. Tryon St.

Gold Pepper Grill - 101 N. Tryon Street

Graduate Food & Pub - 123 W. Trade St.

Grand Central Deli & Spirits - 101 North Tryon Street

Green's Lunch - 309 W. Fourth St.

Green's Lunch East - 811 E. Trade St.

Grouchos Deli - 201 North Tryon

Gus's Sir Beef Uptown - 324 S. Tryon St.

Halfpenny's Confections & Creamery - 301 S. College St.

Hartigan's Pub - 601 S. Cedar St.

Illume - 100 S. Tryon St.

India Palace - 127 N. Tryon St.

Irish Blessings - 435 South Tryon Street

Jackson's Java - 401 South Tryon Street

Java Joes - 201 N. Tryon

Jeremiah's & Treats - 401 N. Tryon St.

Jersey Mike's - 128 S. Tryon Street

Johnny Burrito - 301 S. Tryon St.

Just Chocolates - 320 S. Tryon St.

Just Fresh Bakery Cafe - 127 N. Tryon St.

Just Fresh Bakery Cafe - 301 S. Tryon St.

Just Fresh Bakery Cafe - 718 West Trade St.

Just Fresh Bakery Cafe - 101 S. Tryon St.

Kaldis Koffee - 718 West Trade Street

Kings & Queens Restaurant & Lounge - 119 S. Brevard St.

LaTorre's - 118 West 5th Street

LaVecchia's Seafood Grille - 225 E. Sixth St.

Le Croissant Shop - 101 N Tryon St.

Li'l Dino Subs - 401 S. Tryon St.

Li'l Dino Subs - 200 S. College St.

Lola's on 8th - 401 North Tryon Street

Luce Ristorante e Bar - 214 North Tryon Street

Matthew's Pub - 230 N. College St.

Matt's Chicago Dog - 425 South Tryon Street

McDonald's Hamburgers - 200 S. College St.

McNinch House - 511 N. Church St.

ME N U - 600 N Church Street

Mel's Submarine's - 140 Brevard Court

Mert's Heart & Soul - 214 North College Street.

Mimosa Grill - 327 South Tryon St.

Monticello - 235 N. Tryon St.

Morton's the Steakhouse - 227 W. Trade St.

Mr. Hero Subs - 500 South College Street

Oliver's - 128 South Tryon Street

Palomino Restaurant Rotisseria Bar - 525 N. Tryon St.

Panini European Cafe - 214 North College St.

Papa Gallo's - 322 South Church Street

Phil's Deli & Tavern - 105 E. Fifth St.

Phil's Deli City View - 120 W. Morehead St.

Piece A Pizza - 320 South Tryon Street

Pita Pit - 200 block of North College

Pizzeria Uno - 401 South Tryon Street

Planet Smoothie - 101 S. Tryon St., Bank of America Plaza

Presto Bar & Grill - 445 W. Trade St.

Quizno's Subs - 320 S. Tryon St., Suite 110

Quizno's Subs - 120 North Cedar Street

Quizno's Subs - 127 North Tryon Street, Suite 7

Rainbow Cafe - 400 South Tryon Street

Rainbow Cafe - 201 S. College St.

Reid's Fine Foods - 225 E. 6th Street

Ri Ra Irish Sandwich Bar - 214 North Tryon Street

Ri-Ra Irish Pub - 208 N. Tryon St.

Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery - 401 N. Tryon St.

Roly Poly - 317 South Church Street

Salsarita's - 101 N. Tryon

Savannah Red - 100 West Trade Street

Sbarro Italian Buffet - 101 S. Tryon St.

Showmar's - 600 East Fourth Street

Showmar's - 130 W. Third St.

Showmar's - 101 N. Tryon St.

Showmars Hearst Tower - 214 North Tryon

Simmons Fourth Ward - 516 N. Graham St.

Simply Subs - 212 S. Tryon St.

Smoothie King - 214 North Tryon Street

Smoothie King - 265 One First Union

Something Classic - 220 North Tryon St.

Sonoma California Bistro & Wine Bar - 129 W. Trade St.

Southern Grille - 300 S. Brevard St.

Southern Grille At The Gateway - 901 W. Trade St.

Spoon's Restaurant -

Spratt's Kitchen & Market - 100 N. Tryon St.

Starbucks Coffee - 201 S. College St.

Starbucks Coffee - 800 West Trade Street

Starbucks Coffee - 101 N. Tryon Street

Starbucks Coffee - 101 S. Tryon St.

Stool Pigeons - 214 North Church Street

Sub One Hoagie House - 516 N. Graham St.

Subdude - 1620 E. 4th Street

Subway - 310 E. Trade St.

Subway - 101 N. Tryon St.

Subway - 301 S. College St.

The Capital Grille - 201 N. Tryon St

The Comedy Zone - 516 N. College Street

The Ember Grille - 601 South College Street

The Fitness Bar - 301 S. College St.

The Sandwich Club - 525 N. Tryon St.

The Sandwich Club - 425 South Tryon Street

Therapy Cafe - 401 North Tryon Street

Tic Toc Coffee Shop - 512 N. Tryon St.

Tony's Bourbon Street Oyster Bar - 201 S. Tryon St.

Tower Club - 201 S. College St.

Town Restaurant - 700 block of West Trade Street

Union Grille and Station - 222 E. Third St.

Village Coffee Shop - 129 W. Trade St.

Wellington's - 201 S. McDowell St.

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Looks like you're excluding SouthEnd in that list?

What exactly is the Center City defined as, because I never figured it out. Is it just what's inside the 277 freeway?

I don't know where to obtain a list of all the SouthEnd eateries, but here are some that driven past and recall:


Fuel Pizza

SouthEnd Brewery (ha! imagine that)

La Paz

Jillians SouthEnd

Sullivan's Steakhouse

Price's Chicken Coop

Pancake House

Derrrr, I'm drawing a mental blank now...

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Looks like you're excluding SouthEnd in that list?

What exactly is the Center City defined as, because I never figured it out. Is it just what's inside the 277 freeway?

I don't know where to obtain a list of all the SouthEnd eateries, but here are some that driven past and recall:


Fuel Pizza

SouthEnd Brewery (ha! imagine that)

La Paz

Jillians SouthEnd

Sullivan's Steakhouse

Price's Chicken Coop

Pancake House

Derrrr, I'm drawing a mental blank now...

For SouthEnd...these are the ones I am familiar with...though i know there are more.



Jack Mason's

McIntash's Steakhouse

Pewter Rose



Fuel Pizza

Vinnie's Sardine Grille

300 East



Substation II

Gin Mill

Mister K's


Original Pancake House

Price's Chicken Coup

SouthEnd Brewery

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Asheville, NC's downtown restaurants...

1. Early Girl Eatery

2. Thibodeaux Jones Creole Kitchen and Meantime Lounge

3. Max and Rosie's Most Excellent Cafe and Juice Bar

4. City Bakery

5. Laughing Seed Cafe

6. Jack of the Wood

7. Rosetta's Kitchen

8. True Confections (Grove Arcade)

9. Oliver and Annabelle's (Grove Arcade)

10. Goldberg's Deli (Grove Arcade)

11. Kamm's Frozen Custard (Grove Arcade)

12. Cats and Dawgs (Grove Arcade)

13. Anntony's Caribbean Cafe (Grove Arcade)

14. Viva Europa Market and Deli

15. Two Guys Old Style Hoagies

16. Cottonwood Cafe

17. Left Bank

18. Flying Frog Cafe and Flying Frog Bar

19. The Chocolate Fetish

20. Zambra's

21. Doc Chey's Noodle House

22. Vincenzo's Ristorante and Bistro

23. Barley's Taproom

24. Battery Park Bistro

25. Market Place and Cafe Oggi

26. Mellow Mushroom

27. Marble Slab Creamery

28. Candy's Cafe and Courtyard

29. Bistro 1896

30. Cafe on the Square

31. Gold Hill Espresso and Fine Teas

32. Beanstreets Coffee

33. Port City Java

34. Akumi Sushi and Sake Bar

35. Asheville Pizza Parlor

36. Bier Garden

37. Blue Moon Bakery

38. City Diner

39. Courtside Cafeteria

40. Decades

41. Five Points Restaurant

42. Hot Dog King

43. Flamingo Restaurant

44. Fuddruckers

45. Grape Escape

46. Hannah Flanagan's Pub

47. Heiwa Shakudo

48. Jerusalem Garden Cafe

49. John Henry's and John Henry's Down Under

50. Keaton's Family Restaurant

51. La Catterina Trattoria

52. Loretta's Cafe

53. Magnolia's Raw Bar and Grille

54. Margie's Battery Park Cafe

55. Max's Celebrity Grill

56. Mediterranean Restaurant

57. Meowlaprop's Cafe (at Malaprop's)

58. New French Bar Courtyard Cafe

59. Noodle Shop

60. Orchard's

61. Old Europe Coffee House

62. Over Easy Breakfast Cafe

63. Peking Garden Chinese Restaurant

64. Double Decker Coffee Company

65. Rio Burrito

66. Salsa Mexican-Caribbean

67. Scully's

68. Souper Sandwich

69. Three Brothers Restaurant

70. Tripps Restaurant

71. Tupelo Honey Cafe

72. Vincent's Ear Coffee House

73. College Street Grill

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Does south end by the remount road intersection or by the east blvd intersection by you guys definition?

I'd take it on down towards Remount. SouthEnd Brewery and Atherton Mill are south of the East Blvd intersection anyway.

It seems like there are some businesses down near Scaleybark with the "SouthEnd" in their name... but obviously that part of South Blvd isn't as nice and trendy as the northern parts. This intersection is also where that fancy elevated LRT track will be, and where they will be building the station in the middle of the road. So, redevelopment will come to that area for sure.

There is a "SouthEnd" redevelopment project underway (according to the biz journal) on S Tryon south of Remount...

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uptownliving: Thanks for the list; that's what I am (and others who are interested in visiting Charlotte are) looking for. Although I would exclude any coffee, chain fast food and smoothie/ice cream places (for the sake of keeping the list shorter), it is always nice to have a thorough list of what's out there. What was the name of the Uptown Charlotte restaurant where they filmed "Shallow Hal"? The one with the scene where Jack Black goes out for dinner with his neighbor, and his girlfriend goes there with her parents. I know the movie was filmed in Charlotte (at least for most part), but I wonder if that restaurant was there, too.

monsoon: Sorry, but your options are very limited when it comes to vegetarian restaurants. I am sure you will find many vegetarian items in most restaurants' menus, but I doubt you will find many strictly vegetarian restaurants here in Raleigh. There are two places I would recommend: Sweet Tomatoes (chain; buffet) and Zest Cafe (North Raleigh, on Six Forks Rd and Strickland Rd, next to Borders bookstore).

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That was Capital Grille in that scene.

For clarification, the BID for downtown Charlotte, Center City Partners, is defined as everything inside the loop + some areas east of the loop over to old Independence. So most parts of CPCC are technically downtown. It includes the site of the new Home Depot Expo store, but not the Midtown Mall site that Peter Pappas is redeveloping.

I know this sounds stupid, but downtown Charlotte just needs a freakin' TGI Fridays or something for suburbanites and boring travelers. A huge number of people just like eating somewhere familar - especially those with kids.

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Part of Shallow Hal was filmed at the Fuel Pizza on W Trade St next to the Federal Courthouse...not sure if that is the scene you are talking about or not.

49er....there is a Appleby's downtown, can't get more chain suburban than that. Also CCCP recently aquired the SouthEnd business district org, so they are running the show there too.

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