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Augusta, Jo-Ja photos Part II: Riverwalk/MCG

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I didn't plan on splitting these posts up, but I guess I had too many photos for one thread...

Lastly some shots of the Riverwalk area. The Riverwalk is a beautiful, but woefully underdeveloped portion of downtown. Basically the only things on the Riverwalk are a few hotels/condos, and the National Science Center's Fort Discovery (science museum).

A shot of the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame and Gardens with riverfront hotels (yes that used to be my finger, but it was a nice shot and I didn't want to waste it).


A modern park with mill-loft conversion in background


One of the riverwalk entrances. The brick path is elevated throughout the length of the park, and there is a windier sidewalk at the bottom of the bluff near the river.



Savannah River and North Augusta. The flood plain designation was just released from the SC side of the river, and unfortunately, the sprawl developers got there first and began building these huges homes. Fortunately at least a portion of the river (to the left of these pics) will be an awesome new urbanist development that will connect to both downtown Augusta and downtown North Augusta.


Jessye Norman (international opera superstar) riverfront amphitheatre.


A few shots from the Riverwalk towards downtown.



Riverplace condos and Fort Discovery, both right on the Riverwalk.


A cool shot showing the still used railroad bridge, the marina, the 5th st. bridge and the US 1 bridge.


BONUS: Medical District.

A shot of the downtown skyline from the Calhoun Expressway.


A crooked shot of the dense, midrise Medical District.


The last 2 shots are some hurried car shots of a small portion of the MCG complex.



I hope you enjoyed this long tour.

Coming soon: Aiken, SC tour

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heh... that was my finger + a really bad Paint Shop job... I liked the picture though, and I didn't want to throw it away because I was too stupid to keep my fingers out of the picture... <_<

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