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Working and living in downtown

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Well,let me just briefly introduce myself....I've been living in Jax since '98 but originaly from Europe ,studied architecture there but working woth computers now.

Here is my question...We all know about efforts to develop and create urban life in Jacksonville,but I can not find anywhere any info if City of Jax (or any other organizations or official places) offer any kind of help with either moving to or working in downtown.

For example I am in computer business and working to open small business,is there any help ,either financialy or by other means to open store in downtown area


Is there simillar effort for purchasing house or condo,like Springfield area.

Like I mentioned I am not large corporation ,so I am interested if regular people with small business or "less money" can receive help.

Not everyone can afford to buy luxury 800,000 condo or open chain of stores.

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Welcome to the forums.

In general, Jacksonville has a strong respect for the free-market, so you'll find incentive programs in only very limited situations. Some downtown development opponents try to make it seem like the government is throwing money at people to be downtown, but that's simply not the case. Even when incentives do occur, they are mostly in the form of tax breaks (which in my mind should not be considered "give-aways," since it's the business's hard-earned money to begin with). Occasionally, you might see a land give-away, but that is almost entirely in the past.

Here are links for businesses on the JEDC page at coj.net. These government services should all be accessible to small businesses as well as large...

DDA - general downtown info, historic building rehabs, zoning overlay.


"Enterprise" and "Empowerment" zones - lots of small business tax breaks for people who set up shop in low income areas. Most are near downtown, but not all.



As far as buying a house in Springfield, you certainly don't need a government agency to help you with that one. There are numerous realtors and developers who would love to sell/rent you a place. Just pick up the classifieds or call a downtown realtor in the phone book. There are dwellings in just about every price range in Springfield these days. Of course, the days of buying an old victorian mansion for the price of a used car are long since over. Most stuff under $200k is likely to be small, in need of heavy repair, or both.

Check out...




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Thanx for information ,tax breaks are nice but small business biggest problem is to START and STAY rather then tax break which comes after.

Correct me if I am wrong but city of Jax seems to be more interested in chains and bigger stores rather then encourage in small business to move like in old fashioned Main street which would make downtown more interesting,provide better experience and enjoyment.

If they ONLY build luxuary apartments and high-end retailers that only people with money will go downtown and that is wrong approach of making downtown place to be...it will still end up dead place,going from one extreme (poor) to another (rich).

DT needs to have little bit of everything...I've been to other cities ,like up north,even with money and development lot of those cities are dead and boring in DT except NY City which is full of life always.

I am thinking of eventually opening repair and sales shop that could work as late as midnight which would be great for DT,but how could you ,as small guy, compete with big places that have money and resources and I am sure there are many others that might be interested in same from coffee shops to ethnic resturants.

I am saying all this ,being from Europe,where downtowns are place to be all day and all night long...even small cities ( 50-60K people) have very vibrant downtowns filled with small shops,resturants,bars etc etc and even in small places things are happening as late as 2-3 everyday.You can not have same experience with "big ones" they close at 8 some at 10 and don't provide that personal experience.

Anyway thanx for usefull info about taxes,but I might stick around to SS for now.

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Try the Downtown Vision organization. There website is

Downtown Vision

Between the JEDC and Downtown Vision, someone should be able to help you. Being in an Empowerment Zone, there is bound to be something they can help with.

Be mindful that te JEDC is the middle of a top to bottom reorganization, so that may making finding the right person a little more difficult to locate, but don't give up.

Keep us posted on your progress.

As for renting in Springfield, forumer The Urban Core could help you, and the Green Network link has a long list of Springfield properties.

Good luck!!

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Welcome BosTech

I sure could have used your expertice a few months ago.My New computer had some problems that are now resolved,but I would have used a downtown proprietor for this service if one were available.Hopfully,when the Carlington and others begin leasing,we will have more in the line of small business's opening to meet the needs of intowner.

Personally,I would love to own a specialty/gourmet market ie.meats,produce and the like.Maybe oneday.

SPARC or some of the newer businesses owners in Springfield may be able to give you some info on getting started.http://www.historicspringfield.com/

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