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Pittsburgh builds Terminator for DOD

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"CMU to develop armored robot vehicles for Marine Corps

Thursday, February 10, 2005


The Department of Defense announced this evening Carnegie Mellon University has been awarded a $26 million contract to develop a fleet of six unmanned armored tactical robot vehicles for the U.S. Marine Corps.

CMU is being asked to design, develop and deliver six tactical unmanned ground vehicles, armor samples and associated data by by July 2007.

University researchers will receive an initial payment of $12,400,000 on the $26,433,460 cost-plus-incentive-fee contract for System Development and Demonstration (SDD) of the Gladiator Tactical Unmanned Ground Vehicle (TUGV).


CMU was one of two groups asked by the military to submit proposals for the vehicles. The Department of Defense said offers were received from both groups and CMU's was selected.

The development work will be performed in Pittsburgh for the Marine Corps Systems Command, Quantico, Va., according to the Department of Defense."

Pilotless drones shooting at people in Afganistan and now this . . . who said those Terminator "BOT TAKES OVER THE EARTH" movies were fiction?

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CMU is now working on something affectionately known as "crusher"! And if that wasn't enough they have a companion vehicle they are developing as well. It's better then having a military base ;).


It seems like 6.5 tons of rubble that will get blown by a bomb 50 feet up in the air and land on someone's head (hopefully not mine).

The one with the photos is just the most ridiculous platform for just a 240 gulf and some smokes. I can see the need for something of this persuasion for providing cover fire while crossing danger areas and while conducting cordon and search, hence this given configuration. But it's probably really loud which gives up the element of suprise and unless all that stuff is internalized, an RPG will easily take it all out. Might as well just go back to the drawing board. I wouldn't want it. They should let Pitt develop something because unlike CMU some people at Pitt actually have combat experience :rofl:

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^^you made the techies cry Blue, you mean mean Marine :P

Good analysis though, it is good to hear the "real world" version of battle tools from someone that has been there. All those theorists at CMU do great work, but theory only takes you half the way.

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