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North Hills / Midtown area developments

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Got a few drone shots on Sunday. I live in Charlotte and am definitely impressed by North Hills. Wish we could have a spot with height and density like that in South Park or Ballentyne.

Looks like I'm a little late posting these  For those of us old enough to remember North Hills around the turn of the century, this is a phenomenal de

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20 hours ago, KJHburg said:

North Hills and this is the most dense suburban project between DC and Atlanta and it is very well done.  Today and Tower 4 rising!  and last photo is the new Cardinal tower I think rising.  Kudos to Kane and Company.  Now build something taller downtown! This is truly Raleigh's 2nd downtown. 



Development in this photo is going to be just regular 4-5 story apartments.

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With the old proposed Soleil Center, I imagined nobody would buy any condos because they'd feel and be trapped at the mall site. While North Hills has more to do that Crabtree and the prices involved are not as high in absolute or relative dollars (I imagine, plus i know this is rental vs buying at Soleil) I still think of living at North Hills as being sort of trapped on a island. There are no streets to walk around on. Mostly chain restaurants and retail. I am glad it is successful on one hand, but on another if this was the best downtown-like experience  the future can ever again hope to see, well, what a sad dystopian world it will be. 

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13 hours ago, KJHburg said:

35 story Walter residential tower to begin early next year at North Hills Midtown. 

from a subscriber article

""Construction is scheduled to begin next year on North Hills' latest high-rise by Kane Realty, and plans call for the building to be the tallest along Interstate 440. Dubbed Walter Tower, the proposed 35-story, mixed-use building will feature 33 floors of luxury apartments and amenities, with 6,500 square feet reserved for retail space. ""

anyone know the exact height I am thinking around 350 or maybe a little taller since it is residential with parking below. 


""Residents will have their pick of 376 luxury apartments — including 21 penthouses —  as well as amenities such as a pool on the 6th floor, a courtyard with adjacent wellness center and a rooftop courtyard and clubroom.""

I think the last document I looked at from another forum said 386ft.

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35 Floors? Or 32. Or is it 33?

Kane Realty's page for Tower 4 still shows a this:


Adjacent will be a 32-story residential tower.

But in side the Tower 4 brochure at the link above, they say 33:


Adjacent will be a 33-story residential tower with 10 levels of boutique hotel rooms and 22 levels of luxury apartments. 


Either way, this an awesome project for Raleigh!

Tower 4 - 20 stories office

  • 8 levels parking
  • amenity floor
  • 11 floors of office

Walter Tower - 35 (or is it 33?) residential

  • lobby level
  • 10 levels hotel
  • 22 levels apartments

Tower 4OfficePlusResidential.png

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@KJHburg posted a report from AvisonYoung on the 121 Fayateville project thread. 

A big notable in there was they mention Kane's Tower 4 is the first to break the $40 per sqft rate, and that the tower is already almost 20% leased to IAT Insurance, with another large tenant close to finalizing much of the remaining space. 

What a hot market! Definitely favors projects that are underway. 

This shot of Tower 4 also shows the vacant spot to the right for the future 33+ story residential tower (starts beginning of the year). 


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1 hour ago, orulz said:

Kane has recently filed site plans for a nearly 1m square foot redevelopment of the JC Penney site.http://cloud.tapatalk.com/s/5d5b1ccb0aaf9/ASR-0059-2019.pdf

The hyperlink doesn't work?  thanks for the info though.  I heard that Penney's was the most profitable in the SE?  Wonder if the redevelopment retains the store?

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On 8/19/2019 at 7:52 PM, Phillydog said:

The hyperlink doesn't work?  thanks for the info though.  I heard that Penney's was the most profitable in the SE?  Wonder if the redevelopment retains the store?

Here's a better link directly to the planning docs on Raleigh's website:
https://www.raleighnc.gov/content/PlanDev/Documents/DevServ/DevPlans/Reviews/2019/SiteReview /ASR-0059-2019.pdf

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