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Broderick Tower

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Simply amazing! Great job!

I am really surprised at the amount of stuff just left. I would think any company leaving would have grabbed their stuff on the way out. They must have been in a hurry to leave!!!!

How is the condition of the building? From the pictures, the interior looks dirty, but not in bad shape (e.g. water damage, ect). I know there would still be a lot of work for renovation, but not as bad as some of the others. Is there asbestos still in the building? I know that starts to be a huge cost.

Higgins' old penthouse looks like it was quite the pad! I would love to see pictures of it back in the day! Hopefully soon it can be restored back to it's former glory as this is building is on the endagered list and is the one I would most hate to see go (McPhail). Time to start a save the Broderick compaign.......

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The interior is very dirty, but structurally the building is sound. However, there is water dripping down through the roof and onto the 34th floor. The water could significantly weaken the structure over time if the problem is not corrected. There is approximately four feet of water in the sub basement. The building has six basements, all of which are flooded, with the exception of one. The second basement has remained flooded for some time. None of the bar employees have been down there to check it out, but the sump pumps have been reported stolen by explorers willing to brave the deep, cold, & possibly contaminated water. Supposedly one of the subway stations for the Woodward Avenue subway line would've been located down there.

As with most buildings in the city, lead paint and asbestos is present in the building. Asbestos was not completely outlawed for use in building materials until 1990. We were just careful not to step on the old ceiling tiles that had fallen.










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