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sorry, but in my opinion, this is one of the ugliest modern skyscrapers that I have seen in person and it takes away from a decent Cincy skyline. Although it looks better at night, the glass circular portion seems to massive and out of place which makes the building not fit in with its surroundings. I think the Scripps would have greatly benefited with a little more effort in the design development stage by the architects. So I have to give it a 6.

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9 out of 10 I do think the building has style and creativity its only down mark is its under 500 feet which when compared to the 21st century metroplexs like HongKong Shanghai Doha Singapore Sydney Rotterdam etc. is barely a skyscraper . . . this reminds me a lot of 5th Avenue Place in Pittsburgh a great building but looking like a squashed soda can like it should be much much taller somehow and the architech tried to SQUEEZE all that creativity into 500 feet when it really should have been 1000 just my 2cents

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