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more ideas for Greensboro's ballpark area


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This diagram that I drew shows what could be a dynamic sports & Entertainment complex. I added the ACC Sports Hall of Fame & Museum in the Drawing. If the ACC hall of Fame is built near the ballpark, I think that would be a huge incentive to attract the ACC Baseball Tournament.

Even during the ACC Basketball tournement, once the the coliseum sell out, people can watch the game in the stadium with a huge screen!


Here is an updated drawing I created which show the mixed-use building with balcony seating behind the Grass Berm.



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Thanks Raleigh-NC! I think those ideas are good a enough for the powers to seriously consider them. Afterall, the stadium should be in position to expand to at least 10,000 seat should the Greensboro Bats ever consider moving to AAA. The current site only allows expansion to 8,000 but aquiring land now owned by a Chevrolet dealership will allow room for more expansion. The dealership has shown serious interest to move to open up land for development next to the ballpark and thats a good thing.

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