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National Theater to Receive Facelift

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This is great news! The National Theater is last remaining theater in Detroit's original theater district around Campus Martius. It sounds like this is primarily an exterior renovation, since the article mentions that the windows will be replaced and the canopy will be removed. I hope they plan to put a new canopy up to match the one that was there when it was built. Now if we could get the theater up and running again that would be great! Chances are that the owners are working on that, since they are doing so much work to the building.



Vacant theater to get face-lift

Detroit's long-vacant National Theatre at 118 Monroe St. downtown is scheduled to get a face-lift this spring.

Detroit-based Phoenix Development Group L.L.C., owner of the 96-year-old Albert Kahn-designed theater, plans $347,000 worth of clean-up and preservation work, including windows and removal of a canopy.

The Detroit Downtown Development Authority approved a $150,000 fa

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