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Spartanburg to fine all drivers $25


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Road projects in writing

By Luke Connell | Staff Writer

If Spartanburg County passes a $25 vehicle fee, residents' tires could meet freshly paved roads as soon as this summer.

In hopes of showing residents what they plan to accomplish with the estimated $5.6 million generated each year from the fee, county leaders have released that show when road projects are slated for construction.

"If our citizens are going to be paying $25 per vehicle a year, they're going to expect to see something being done," said county Public Works Director Mike Garrett.

Spartanburg County Council will vote for a second time on the vehicle fee at its meeting at 5:30 p.m. Monday at the County Administration Office Building.

If council approves the fee three times, residents will begin paying a $25 annual fee for each vehicle owned. The fee would begin showing up on car tax bills after July 1.

That means road paving projects could begin rolling across the county as early as this summer.

The capital improvement list totals $19.5 million over the next five fiscal years. Garrett said all intersection improvements, road widening projects and 11 bridges should be complete within the first two years.

County leaders stressed that all the money generated from the fee would be used to benefit road projects.

The county anticipates resurfacing 94 stretches of county road during the first year of fee funding. And nearly 950 roads are expected to be paved within five years under the current schedule.

Over the past several years, the county has only resurfaced about 10 miles of road each year, down from 100 miles in 2000.

One of those high-priority projects is the $1.5 million widening of Willis Road. The road, which has been choked by growth in recent years, is a hot topic among those who live on or near it.

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I think this will be a good thing. Some roads in Spartanburg County are pretty crappy. Plus, with a county the size of Spartanburgm and considering how it is growing, the money coming off of this new car tax will certainly guarantee other transit options in the future. Obviuosly for the near term this means more roads.

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