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Anchorage Winter's

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Hey everybody im from NC and I always wanted to visit Anchorage. I always thought of the harsh alaskan winters but when i look at anchorages weather its usually in the mid-upper 30's. Is the weather always like that, as here in NC we get many days durning the winter as cold or colder than there.

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I looked at weather.com, and Anchorage is a lot warmer that I thought. In the summer they average highs in the 60s and lows in the upper 40s/lower 50s. In the winter the average highs are in the lower to mid 20s, with lows around 10 or 15. It does get very cold there on occasion though - the all time record low is -34. The all time record high is 85.


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I have a 2nd cousin who has lived there for a very long time and he says the weather is not that bad in the winter.  Fairbanks, on the other hand, is very bad.  It is on the other side of the mountains and does not get the benefits of the warm water from Anchorage Bay and the Pacific.


Thanks alot. I have always noticed Anchorage winter temps dont look that bad and i guess its true all season. Hopefull i will be able to visit the city next year

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Anchorage gets (relatively) warm water from the Ring of Fire, also it sits on the "good" side of the mountains, so it has a lot higher temperatures than one might expect for Alaska.

Fairbanks, however, isn't not so lucky, it has a lot worse weather. It sits on the "bad" side of the mountains.

The same thing is at work with deserts, as most of them sit on the "bad side of the mountains.

The "bad" sides are usually the ones that face inland.

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