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US Airlines - Top 10 Oldest Fleets

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hkskyline    0

Top ten oldest fleets among U.S. airlines

21 February 2005

Associated Press Newswires

The fleets of the 10 largest air carriers in the United States, ranked by average age, as of Dec. 31:

1. Northwest Airlines, 432 aircraft, 18.3 years.

2. Delta Air Lines, 533 aircraft, 12.4 years.

3. American Airlines, 710 aircraft, 12.1 years.

4. America West Airlines, 137 aircraft, 10.8 years.

5. US Airways, 282 aircraft, 10.8 years.

6. United Air Lines, 497 aircraft, 10.2 years.

7. Alaska Airlines, 106 aircraft, 9.3 years.

8. Southwest Airlines, 418 aircraft, 9.1 years.

9. Continental Airlines, 356 aircraft, 7.9 years.

10. ATA Airlines, 60 aircraft, 3.7 years.

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alslex1    0

I am surpirzed that Northwest has the oldest average fleet. I would think that US Air or even American airlines would be older.


Northwest has a lot of OLD DC-9 airplanes making it the oldest average fleet age.

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uptownliving    299

One of the reasons that USAir isn't doing well is because it has so many new planes. Virtually every USAir plane that isn't a 737 (or prop plane) is under 5 years old.


why would newer more fuel efficient planes bog USAirways down?

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