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Flint - New "Vehicle City" Arches to be Installed


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The Flint "Vehicle City" Arches were an important part of the downtown streetscape from 1899 until 1919. As part of the downtown streetscape project & downtown revitalization, they are being replaced with new arches, which are identical to the originals.










Eight downtown arches will be lit again


Friday, October 17, 2003

By Todd Seibt


Flint - Come Nov. 29, downtown Flint will party like it's 1899.

Exactly 104 years to the day they were first illuminated over Saginaw Street, eight new "Vehicle City" arches are expected to be up and lit, backers of the project said.

"Thanks to the generosity of dozens of individuals and the financial commitment of several key institutions, we have nearly completed the first portion of our fund-raising campaign and have sufficient funds to rebuild the arches," said Sally Jaeger, president of the Genesee County Historical Society.

The effort started in December with the Arches Restoration to Celebrate our Heritage committee - that's right, ARCH.

More than 100 individuals, businesses, civic groups, foundations and trusts have contributed to the $350,000 project.

The first major contribution to the project was made by UAW Region 1-C, which covers UAW locals across the county and mid-Michigan.

Gordon Fleming, a retired local businessman, also stepped forward early in the project.

"Gordon's willingness to commit money in the first stages of our work gave us the time we needed to attract other support," Jaeger said. "Much of our success is the result of these early commitments."

The arch project was initiated by the Flint Stewardship Community of the Automobile National Heritage Association.

ANHA is federally funded through the National Parks Service and is one of 23 such areas in the United States. The MotorCities-ANHA in Michigan focuses on preserving the state's automotive history.

"Much of the work on the project will be completed by local contractors," said Freeman Greer, architect and manager of the project.

"We have a high level of confidence in their ability and commitment to finishing the project on time for the Nov. 29 celebration."

Details are not locked in place yet, but arch supporters hope to have a community walk from City Hall, complete with vintage vehicles and horse-drawn carriages, scheduled to pass under the arches as they light up on Nov. 29.


Todd Seibt covers automotive and business issues. He can be reached at (810) 766-6315 or at [email protected].

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I found some renderings of some more projects in downtown Flint.


Renovated Durant Hotel. Completion: Unknown


Proposed commercial revitalization at the corner of Saginaw Street & 2nd Steet. Completion: Unknown


1st Street Luxury Loft Building. This will convert the Republic Bank Building into 19 luxury lofts, which will be completed in 2004.


Conversion of the block on the east side of Saginaw Street into an arts & entertainment district. Completion: Unkown


Ferris Fur Building renovation. Alfred Kloss is turning the 7-story Ferris Fur Building into 40 lofts & office space.


Alfred Kloss, owner of Daystar Development plans to renovate the Dryden Building. The lower 2 floors of the 5 story building will be retail, while the remain 3 floors will be converted into loft apartments.


352 Building Renovations. Alfred Kloss is making upgrades to the 352 building, formerly owned by Citizens Bank.

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