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Thinking about moving to Providence?


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In the year and a half I've lived in Washington Park (sweet rental right on RWP), I've not once felt threatened in South Prov. Yeah, I heard a few gunshots over each of the summers, but I absolutely love the cultural makeup of the area - and some of the food... wow, and I've never been remotely worried being alone on the street. Dunno, maybe it's because I live in the area that I'm more confident about it, but I certainly haven't had the same comfortable experience in Lower Mt. Pleasant, for instance.

At any rate, as of last Thursday I'm a homeowner in Elmhurst... Talk about a change, eh? Now I need some of you guys to recommend a few local places to eat ;-)

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Craigslist seems to be good. On the East Side just walking around looking for For Rent signs is good too, lots of for rent by owner places don't get advertised other than a sign in the window. Also, head to Coffee Exchange on Wickenden Street and read the listings on the walls there.

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So in 1-2 months I will be moving to providence. I've decided to rent for a while, and need to be close to the train station. I was thinking about the Promenade, but unless you go with oe of the high end units, the rest seem very cheap. Also, I have not yet looked at WEstminster lofts, but what are some of thevarious building like? and are they close enough to walk to thr train station?? THanks a ton.


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i am now officially a resident of federal hill. my place is a horrible mess. ugh.

and dish network sucks... they freaking cut the cable that went into the living room of this place so they could run their service in here for the previous tenant. i only get cable in my office now.

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