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I recently changed over to a different cell phone carrier and was absolutely bewildered by the selection of phones available today.

I was with Sprint from 1998 to early 2000, and had a Samsung 1500 dual band phone, which was rather advanced at the time. It had voice dialing, analog and digital roam modes, and it wasn't terribly large (but it is by today's standards).

I was a Nextel customer from 2000 up until last week. During that hellish time I owned an original Motorola i1000, which lasted (amazingly) until late last year--then the flip broke off. I replaced it with a redesigned i1000, which was actually pretty sturdy.

Last week I had to go cell phone shopping really for the first time since 2000... Let me tell ya, the selection of phones is staggering. You can get everything from the $900 Samsung Matrix phone (yes, it's a real phone) to a base model off-brand contraption.

Here's a sampling of some of the more extraordinary phones available today:


Behold the Samsung SPH-N270, the mobile phone which was specially produced as the messenger for heroes & heroines that need to cross over time and space in movie

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I used to be with Alltel a LOOOONG time ago when $30 got you 25 minutes but since then I've been with Cingular. I've went through my share of phones with my latest being a Sony Ericsson T616 World Phone:


I'd highly recommend this phone to anyone wanting clarity, reception, camera phone, bluetooth, etc. Bluetooth is buggy, but then that's another situation entirely. During the first quarter of 2004 Sony Ericsson is slated to debut their latest creation, the T630 in the US. It's like the T610/616 but with a different look and it's a little smaller. Frankly, if they go much smaller it's going to be too small.

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Well, after about a week with the T721, the phone had "locked up" on me 3 times... The only way to reset it is to remove and reinstall the battery! Reminds me of the OS/2 2.0 Beta. Yes, I was an OS/2 2.0 Beta user... jeez, I must have been in early high school back then, or worse yet. :D

The store had a 30 day guarantee deal, so instead of trying to flash the brand new phone with software that theoretically improves the situation, I decided to just go with a different phone.

To my astonishment, they had finally recieved some Motorola V60t phones, so since it was my second choice--I jumped on it.



Curiously, this phone's shell is composed of aluminum, and it changes temperature rather quickly depending on ambient conditions. It has Motorola's venerable monochrome electroluminescent display for the both the external mini-screen on the flip and the internal main screen.

Despite the age of the design, it's kind of nice looking even though it isn't in color. Some of you on this forum are bound to have this phone, it has been around a while and was quite popular about a year ago.

Hmmm, I wonder what happens when the step-up supply for the electroluminescent display shorts to the metallic case of the phone... Hmm, 300 volts @ a couple milliamps... It would probably make some cool arcing sounds!

Neo, I was this close to getting a Sony Ericsson but did not know anyone who had one, until I read your post (too late). Damn.

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Neo, I was this close to getting a Sony Ericsson but did not know anyone who had one, until I read your post (too late). Damn.

It's a good phone!! :-) The only thing I don't like about it is that when it rings it has that stupid increasing ring volume turned on, and you can't turn it off. I find it irritating that the ring starts out quiet and gradually gets louder, but other than that "feature" I find the phone an excellent tool to have! I can even use it with my Microsoft PowerPoint and go to the next slide using it's Bluetooth functionality and my laptop during presentations. I can also use it with Winamp and just about anything else to tell it to go to the next song, stop playing, etc.

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I used to have the Moto T721 as well..it looked nice, but the sound quality wsa not that good. Also, a word of advice, never take your cell phone into the Carribean Ocean. I went swimming in the ocean with the cell phone in my pocket and well it died a quick death.

I now have a Moto 120e...its not a snazzy phone like the T721, but it works a lot better...and the blue glow matches the blue glow from my VW Gauges.


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I was browsing through the Coffee House and found this very old topic and thought I would revive it. It's amazing to see the progress we've made in phones in three years!

Here's my cell phone as of now:


It's a Nokia E62 on the AT&T network and it's one of the best phones I've ever had. I bought it through Craigslist, but before that I had a Moto Razr :sick: and a Nokia 3120. The screen clarity and UI is perfect on this phone! I wanted to upgrade to the iPhone, but after reading countless reviews about it I decided not to and am waiting for the next release (which should be a bit easier on my wallet). I've decided to get the new Motorola Q9 that should be coming to AT&T later this month until the new iPhone is released.

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