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The lights on the Hospital Trust Tower and the Superman Building will all be red tonight in recognition of World AIDS Day. And the lights will stay on until Midnight.

Today at school some people did the math and had some of the kids move down to a hall in the school. A live feed was broadcast around the school - it was quite sobering to see how many people in our school (statistically speaking) died of AIDS.

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looks like maybe the projo reads here, and saw our request for a new website


oh my. but it's like the same page just with the navigation links on top.

and there are now scroll bars in the middle of the page! why do they use those javascript boxes? i HATE scroll bars anywhere but on the right side of my browser.

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It's a good start, but I'm with Jim on the scrollbars. Also, it looks really weird with my browser that blocks the ads.

I agree on both counts. I just turned my adblock off to see what the site looks like, and I threw up in the back of my mouth a little. I even got a popup. The left column, where not ads, is wasted space, making the site look a tad unbalanced.

It appears these changes haven't been applied to the rest of the site yet (yet?).

I feel like there is only one headline on the page. I like how they list things under sports. I wish they'd list headlines like that. "More Rhode Island News" looks insignificant compared with the headline and sports.

I also don't think it should take 3 clicks to see the stories of Providence.

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Try that method in the link above. If you're a mac user, you can probably write a wee apple script that will insert it quickly.

All it really is is a transparent layer -- not difficult.


Thanks for the link, I am working on it now... We will see how it turns out.

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