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Photo Tour: Miami's Civic Center district

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This week I was called for jury duty. While it can be a hardship and an inconvenience, I tried to get the most out of my stay. I spent most of the day sitting in a waiting room, so I did some work on my laptop, read a book, and fell asleep a few times. Ended up spending the day in the waiting room and did not get selected for a panel.

Here is where I spent most of my day. This is the Richard E. Gerstein Justice Building, one of several courthouses in Miami-Dade County. This is where all criminal cases are tried for the 11th Judicial Circuit of Florida. (Florida is divided into 20 judicial circuits spread across its 67 counties. The 11th is one of only four circuits that only serves one county.) Civil trials are heard at the Dade County Courthouse, downtown.


This is not a hot vacation spot -- on the right is the Dade County Jail:


I took many pictures, which I have organized by theme. Each theme will be presented in segments.

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During my lunch break I took the time to photograph the surrounding area. The Gerstein Justice Building is located in Miami's Civic Center district, which is about 3 miles northwest of downtown Miami. Civic Center is also the location of Jackson Memorial Hospital, Dade County's only public hospital and the largest hospital in the state.

Let's begin where it all started. Here is a bit of Miami history.

Below is the original Miami City Hospital, today affectionately known as "The Alamo." One of the first Miami medical pioneers was Dr. James Jackson, one of Miami's first doctors. Today this building serves as the administrative offices of the Public Health Trust of Miami-Dade County, as well as a reminder of humbler beginnings.

Who would have thought that a small clinic "in the middle of nowhere" would go from this...


... to this:


(that's Metrorail in the foreground, btw)

Today, Jackson has grown to become the second largest hospital in the United States that operates under a single license. JMH serves as the teaching hospital for the University of Miami School of Medicine. UM's medical campus, the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Medical Center, and JMH are all part of the same complex:








Bascom Palmer Eye Institute/Ann Bates Leach Eye Hospital, considered one of the world's finest centers for ophthalmology:


Some various pics around the UM/JMH campus:






A walk down UM's medical campus:





Lois Pope Life Center (front view):


Lois Pope Life Center (rear) / Miami Project to Cure Paralysis (I really like the logo -- it's so inspiring):



Under construction:




Last but not least, this is the Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital. It is the only Level 1 Trauma Center for adults and children in the South Florida. These are where South Florida's most critical patients are treated. Most patients arrive by helicopter, and a special high-speed elevator rushes down from the roof to the trauma units. When it was completed in 1992, it was the largest trauma center in the world. It was even featured on Discovery Channel program several years ago.


I should mention that across the street is Cedars Medical Center, not affiliated with UM/Jackson:



And to think, it all started with this:


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Metrorail Civic Center station:



Cedars on the left, Jackson on the right:


Downtown skyline, to the southeast:


Another skyline, with State Attorney's office on right:


Metrorail train (Heavy Rail is great!!):



Metrorail (upper) and Metromover (lower) tracks at Metro-Dade Government Center station:


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My view from the jury pool waiting room (looking through a window, sorry for the haze):


Dolphin Expressway (SR 836) as it crosses the Miami River, with Coral Gables skyline in the background:



NW 12th Ave drawbridge:






Taken outside the courthouse:

Northwest Miami, looking away from downtown:



the growing Park West/Overtown area:


Downtown, One Miami under construction (left), and American Airlines Arena (center, foreground) (That's Marge Simpson above, promoting a shampoo):




Another Coral Gables view from Civic Center:


the new Federal Courthouse under construction, designed by Arquitect

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Glad you guys liked. The Alamo is a great piece of history, and I am glad that it has been preserved in all its glory.

Civic Center and Government Center are, by far, Metrorail's busiest stations. For most hospital, court, and corrections employees this is a primary means of commuting to work (and a very viable one at that). Now that I think of it, Metrorail happens to skirt by four hospitals that are literally footsteps away from its stations: Hialeah Hospital, Jackson Memorial and Cedars, as well as South Miami Hospital. A short bus ride from the rail would take you to Mercy, Coral Gables, and Palmetto General Hospitals.

There's more new residential development to the north. North of Civic Center station is Santa Clara station, in Miami's Allapattah district. Miami-Dade County has done an excellent job of promoting transit-oriented development, and the County's Housing Agency is building lots of affordable apartments and assisted living facilitiles in the area. Next time I am around, I'll snap some photos and share them with you.

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^ Baptist Hospital - Kendall is very short bus ride from Dadeland North stop as well. I don't see to many workers using it, but it's real popular with patients.

Also don't be suprised to see just released prisoners wandering around the metrorail station trying to figure out how to get home.

Also, last time I was at the hospital area, it felt like a mini new york. Not only were there guys selling watches and gold chains but somebody had a hot roasted nuts cart set up. The only place I've ever seen it outside of NYC. And a lot of people walking.

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^ You're right... I can't believe I forgot that one -- that happens to be where I was born. Another hospital sorta within reach is North Shore.

It felt great to be out there. The activity was what you would want in an ideal urban setting -- people of all walks of life mixing, interacting, just coexisting. You just can't get that in an office park surrounding by a parking lot -- I know, I work in one. And yeah, there were plenty of hot roasted nuts and hot dog stands.

My legs and shoulders are still sore from all the walking... It was a great workout, although I wish I had been wearing more casual clothing.

Next time I ever have to go downtown early in the morning, I'm taking a 10 mile detour in the opposite direction just to the nearest Metrorail station park-n-ride. I took so many sidestreets to get around I-95 I'm surprised I ever arrived on time.

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Here are a few extras that supplement the previous submission:

Metrorail Civic Center Station entrance at ground level:



A few of the street from below:


Civic Center Station transfer level (2). In the center background is a mini-library, referred to as the Civic Center Kiosk (the books are available for checkout):


Veterans' Affairs Hospital (one of the ugliest buildings in the area):


The Santa Clara area, known better as Allapattah, is a low-income neighborhood consisting of apartments, single-family homes, warehouses, and many dilapidated buildings. There has been a slow revival with new projects, such as the Santa Clara Apartments and other affordable housing developments:

Santa Clara station, to the north of Civic Center:


Station entrance:


Cool abstract mural:


Looking southbound toward Civic Center, Jackson Memorial Hospital:


New Santa Clara Apartments, Phase I: an affordable housing development. Part of Miami-Dade County's push for transit-oriented development (special public/private ventures). At nine stories tall, this building is built directly west of Santa Clara station:


Santa Clara Apts, Phase II, 17 stories, on right:



New bus stop signs being installed throughout Miami, showing routes, destinations, and maps:


Downtown, southeast:


East , with Miami Beach skyline visible in distant background (6-7 miles away); on the far right you can see the Blue and Green Diamond towers; on the far left is the Blue condominium (under construction). In the foreground are some warehouses:


East-southeast, looking toward Omni district: tour0402skylineese1ii.jpg

Future tours of other neighborhoods and districts to follow... stay tuned!

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Nice pics...

Looks like the One Miami Towers are near completion (structually speaking)

I havent been in Downtown Miami in a few months,.. I wonder if they have started constuction on the Met 3 Tower (72 stories).

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Actually,what I've seen is that they've started the foundation thing.Like they dug to find the foundation they're building on.It has started though.They just haven't started to build up.(from what i know)

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Nice pics...

Looks like the One Miami Towers are near completion (structually speaking)

I havent been in Downtown Miami in a few months,.. I wonder if they have started constuction on the Met 3 Tower (72 stories).


Welcome to the forum, 95-Souf... The One Miami towers are now topped off, if I am not mistaken. It looks like they are working on modifying the existing Miami Center buildings to join all four buildings together (the two new One Miami towers with the Citibank and Inter-Continental). I was downtown a couple weeks ago and the Met3 site is still a parking lot, although actual foundation work is supposed to start very very soon. They've had archaeologists on the Met sites looking for stuff, especially artifacts from Henry Flagler's old Royal Palm Hotel.

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See, they're starting to begin the MET process.(but at ground level,right now).


Look at this pic,it shows the hospitals in the background.



Hospitals? I believe those are the Grand, Venetia and Radisson (Omni)

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