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Is there no one to talk about Canada

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UptownJ    1

I must say... I was really surprised to see that not even one person wants to talk about Urbanism in Canada. I guessing Canadians either (1) don't care or (2) think they don't have to.

I don't know really... just seems strange. I mean even Isrial is represented here. :w00t:

I was really hoping to see and read about Toronto. After all, Toronto is Canada's equivelant to NYC. (just not as good, ofcourse).

Toronto does have alot to offer... Like... CN Tower... Isn't that the tallest building in the world at the moment... I know its the tallest in Cdn and possibly USA.

So, Come on all you Canadians... Step it up some... Show that you care about Canada and how it developes where you live.

After all .... you don't want to be considered a suburb of the USA. :rofl:

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monsoon    0

Well I'll start by saying the CN tower isn't really a building. Its an observation tower. Currently the tallest building in the world is Taipei 101.

While nice, I am not a big fan of observation towers. They need to offer something beyond just height. The one in Las Vegas with the roller coaster on top is more exciting to me.

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mercuex    0

Montreal is like as close to Europe as you can get in this hemisphere... except MAYBE Buenos Aires.

Great city.

I hear good things about Red Deer, actually.

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