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The Triad seeks monorail for rail transportation

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The Greensboro area could become the first area in the Carolinas to use monorail for regional mass transit. Triad based Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation or PART is currently finding out how much a monorail line(elevated rail) would cost between Clemmons (west of Winston-Salem) to Burlington (east of Greensboro) A monorail system would likely run through both downtown Greensboro and Winston-Salem. Regional bus is already in operation and a study has already been done. If the Triad currently had a system like this in place, more than 7,500 people a day would take advantage of a monorail. While the cost of building monorails are expensive, 2nd to subways, the maintenence of a monorail system is inexpensive in comparison to ground level commuter trains. PART believe the Triad is at least 10 years a way from construction on the Triad's first regional commuter rail system and the monorail is being looked at seriously.

here is the press release:


PART Studying Installing Monorail System in Triad

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Imagine crossing county lines in minutes during rush hour traffic.

A mono-rail could do just that...maybe you've seen them at Disney World.

Right now the Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation or PART is studying installing one here.

It would stretch from Clemmons to Burlington.

The mono-rail is not the only system they're studying, but it is the most expensive.

"We will do comparisons on the cost of implementing passenger rail by either light rail commuter rail or mono rail and compare that with express buses," says PART Executive Director Brent McKinney.

The proposed rail system is at least a decade from reality, but PART is working to get federal money for the project now.

The group already has a regional bus system up and running.

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It could be a people mover in that particlular photo. I got it off the news press on the website.

This may look more like would be built in the Triad.



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