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A few Columbia Pics

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I have no clue when I took these, but I would guess last August or September. Anyway, here they are:


Main & Hampton


Meridian from Sumter & Washington


Wachovia etc. from Assembly


Downtown Pano from the Blossom St. Bridge

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Excellent pics! Thanks for sharing, Spartan!

I've got a really cool (to me anyway) pic that I'll be posting in a few days (as soon as my cousin emails me a copy). It's a picture of my grandparents from the late 30s/early 40s walking down Main Street. It's special because it's really the only candid photo I've seen of them together. We assume it was taken by one of those street photographers that takes your picture and then asks if you want to buy a copy, because they aren't really paying attention to the camera -- they're just walking along and she's holding a shopping bag. You can't really see much of the buildings, but you can tell that they're right next to Marilyn Shoes -- it was located right next to where Jammin' Java is now and I hang out there a lot, so that's also kind of neat to me. The street is packed with people, which I thought was awesome.

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I can't ever get tired of seeing pictures of the Sylvans Building. It is a Victorian masterpiece, IMHO.


I agree. It is the crown jewel of Main St.

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