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Saying goodbye to War Memorial Stadium


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War Mamorial Stadium in Greensboro opened in 1926 and is currently they 2nd oldest operating minor league stadium in the United States. It was originally designed for football and track. The stadium has a seating capcity of about 7,500 seats including original seats from Yankee Stadium. However a time has come when this stadium can no longer serve the needs for minor league baseball and while Greensboro will get a brand spanking new, state-of-the-art stadium downtown, War Memorial will not be demolished and will serve as a venue for ameteur, college ballgames and other community events. Greensboro Parks and Recreation also wants to market the old stadium as a tournament facility. The stadium is a neighborhood ballpark located in the historic Aycock Neighborhood on the outer fringes of downtown. Obviously, the Aycock neighborhood wanted the city to upgrade the old stadium for minor league baseball but thats not going to happen because of the privately funded ballpark for downtown. Part of the neighborhood plan can still happen which would inlude a veterans memorial plaza in front of the stadium. The city has also made suggestions for adding an indoor neighborhood recreation center on stadium grounds. There are a number of things that can be done at War Memorial. Here are some photos of the old stadium.
















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That stadium is not bad but there are some things that have to be change that would imposible to do such as having the concourse directly behind the seating so people can still see the game while the wait in line at the concession stands. The current concourse is claustraphobic and the kitchen is extremely small. You really can't correct these problems without dramatically altering the stadium from its original historic state. There's also no way to add skyboxes with a small upper deck behind the home plate. Its an old stadium but it will still get plenty of use. A big incentive to build a new stadium is the private funding. A major renovation of War Memorial just to meet AA standards would cost taxpayers upwards to $20 million and thats money the city does not have laying around for that purpose.

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