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Lexington Station Asheville

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Anyone know about the Lexington Station condos in downtown Asheville?

Renderings or websites please :)


I don't know anything about it, but assuming it's that one on S. Lexington, I saw it being built when I was in Asheville in January. Of course at that point it wasn't anything more than a hole in the ground... >_< I don't even know how many floors it's going to be. It's being built on one of the (rare) open lots downtown. Anyway, that part of S. Lexington looked like a bit of a back alley, so I hope that the new building will help spread the energy of N. Lexington a bit further south.

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OK, here's a PDF with more information (renderings, site plans, etc) about Lexington Station.

It is a three-story (four if you include the parking) mixed-use complex with three buildings. There will be retail in the one building (currently under construction) along Hilliard Street. It is constructed by stacking pre-built modular units on top of one level of cement block below-grade parking.

PDF File (2mb)

I'm not too impressed by the design and the materials (EIFS, Hardi-Plank, pitched/shingled roof make it look like a suburban apartment building) but I think it's a great project otherwise. I did not realize that there will be retail space in both the middle (largest) building along Lexington as well as the building (currently under construction) along Hilliard. Only the nearly-complete southernmost building will be strictly residential.

The angled parking along Lexington makes a narrow street seem even narrower. I think it would be much better if all the on-street parking spaces on Lexington were parallel to the street rather than angled.

It seems we had a storm of proposals last year, but things have been pretty quiet so far in 2006. As a next project, it'd be great to see something happen on the site of the old boiler repair shop, on the corner of Biltmore and Hilliard between Lexington Station and the proposed Dixon on Biltmore. I'd also like to see more redevelopment on South Lextington, between Lexington Station and 12 South Lexington (both of which are under construction).

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