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500 West Trade (14 story apartments on site of former Polk Building)


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The print edition of the business journal (and I suspect today's Observer) has a rendering of this plan. I must say I'm quite fond of it. At about 10-11 stories it has decent mass, and it has a good mix of brick and glass.....nothing ground breaking, but certainly attractive and more modern than anything else around there.

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Moderately priced uptown would be nice. Things are going crazy in the outer areas of downtown - Wilmore, SouthEnd, NoDa..

Where does a couple go to find a nice house near urban charlotte for under $250K ?

There are lots of them, they just require some elbow grease and a little courage. I would suggest going to some of the local RE agent websites and doing a search on the sub-areas (e.g., 2-1) that immediately border the inner beltway with a max dollar limit of $250K. You'd be surprised how many come up, many for much less than $250k.

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So this thing is up to 27 stories now? Sweeet.

EDIT: Make that 2 27 story residential towers.

"Well, in the meantime, you've seen the pictures in the paper of the Trinity development. We are hoping to build an important civic structure here. You put that next to two 27-story residential towers, and suddenly we're looking rather small." CBJ

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