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Does anyone know about the development site off of Exit 205 in North Charleston and Highway 78? I drove by the frontage road that's visible from the interstate and saw CF Evans as one of the developers? It looks like it will be large-scale, so I was just curious if anyone had heard anything?

Thats the start of the development of what is know as the Weber site. Weber, and German auto parts (and grill) maker planned a facility there many years ago, but has since decided to sell it off and develop it. In all its about 1200 acres and is supposed to be mixed use with office, retail, single and multi- family housing, etc. The units CF Evans (Contractor) are building are multi-family units. Not sure about the number of units in this phase. This project has been talked about for years (at least 6) and they are finally doing something.

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I found this article in the Post and Courier...wasn't sure where to post it? The bad news is that two area theaters are closing. The good news is that a new "megaplex" will be built (Citadel Mall) and a Sportsman's Warehouse added (Northwood).

Citadel Mall theater will show movies through July

By John P. McDermott (Contact)

The Post and Courier

Friday, April 11, 2008

AMC Entertainment

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A small mixed use development is coming to Wescott Rd, which is off of Dorcester Rd in North Charleston. Its not otherwise noteworthy but it does create some neighborhood retail and a hotel in this area. It could potentially be a good example of what we need to see more of... neighborhood serving retail centers.


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North Charleston city officials are preparing for their move across the street into a new four-story, 150K square foot, $37.5 million City Hall building next week which was initially built as a spec office building. The new building will be triple the size of the old city hall, which the city will still keep.


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Not sure if this is the correct forum or not, but New Geography listed Charleston as the #8 World's Smartest City... http://tinyurl.com/yjwsvd6

The rankings feature cities that tend to be "smaller, compact, and more efficient". They mention the development of manufacturing, the port, and Boeing, while preserving the integrity of downtown. I never heard of New Geography, but it's nice to be mentioned.

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