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UrbanPlanet Rules & Information

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How to post a photo

In order to post pictures of your city here at UrbanPlanet.org, you must first have a host. The best hosts must be paid for of course. The trick is that the host must allow file sharing or direct linking. However, there are some quality free ones that allow direct linking:


This is not a comprehensive list and is subject to change

Here is a thread that discusses some other image hosting options.

In order to post the picture, you must first obtain the complete URL of it from your host.

All you need to do now is create the following code in the textbox which you are typing your post:

This can be done by typing it, or by using the Code Buttons on the reply page. In this case you should use the IMG button. You can also use alt+g, and the site will create and insert the code for you based on the input you give it.


UP Attachments

Once you have achieved Members+ status by having 100 posts, you are entitled to free file hosting at UrbanPlanet. See this thread for more information about that.

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RSS Feeds

Subforum-centric RSS feeds are being rolled out for UrbanPlanet.

Many people have asked for it, and now it's here. RSS feeds unique to the each subforum. Neo announced the roll out of feeds for each subforum in this thread.

To reach the feeds, click the orange XML link at the bottom left of the screen (not the one at the top right, that's a feed for the entire site). A menu will drop down and you can click the section you want (or copy the URL) and paste it into your favourite feed reader. Or use the links below for the New England subforums.

Still don't know what RSS is?


Baltimore-Washington, DC



Greater Hartford



Greater Boston


New Jersey


New York State

New York City Manhattan




Rhode Island

Pawtucket and Blackstone Valley


Newport and East Bay

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Looking for a place to host your photos online? flickr is one option, and now there is an UrbanPlanet flickr group for you to add your photos to. flickr has free and paid memberships (a free Yahoo! ID is required to join). flickr also automatically resizes your photos and creates URLs allowing you to post them online, including at UP. And now, the 10 most recent photos posted to the UP flickr Group will be displayed on UrbanPlanet's new homepage (currently a collection of my photos from Southern New England are showing).

This is a good option for members looking for a place to host their photos online.

Some flickr hosted photos below:




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A major table in our database encountered a problem overnight and we were required to restore from a backup. The latest backup was made on 10-30-2005 with a stimestamp of right at 10PM EST.

Unfortunately, anything posted after 10:00pm EST was lost. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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image from stock.xchng

You may have noticed that UrbanPlanet has been a bit sloooooow lately. This is due to a faster than anticipated increase in the number of new members. Our peak traffic period has expanded to cover a good portion of the day. What UrbanPlanet needs is a Big Dig, and it will be getting one in the form of a server upgrade. It may take some time to make that happen unfortunately, so please bear with us.

You can read a thread from Neo on the server upgrade process here.


The servers have been upgraded and the forum should be moving smoothly now.

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UrbanPlanet was moved to new dedicated servers last night, please see the note below from Neo.

*ALL* users should be seeing the new server now. Just in case, the old server is still and will remain off-line for another week or so at which time it will be disconnected. Let me know via PM/e-mail should anything pop up that's a little weird!


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During the AM (EST) hours of Wednesday, January 17th, 2007 UrbanPlanet.org will be inaccessible while we perform an upgrade to our software. We will make every attempt possible to bring the server back online by lunchtime (EST) but, as with everything, there can be unforeseen problems that make our goal unattainable. Please check back with us in the late morning or early afternoon to see if we are back online. Thank you!


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