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Riverwalk Extension Photos

Captain Obvious

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Well, after years of taking Jacksonville photos, I finally bothered to get a free image hosting acount. So, here are a few pictures that I took today (3-5-05) of the new Riverwalk extension. If you haven't had a chance to see it, you are missing out. It's quite a peaceful stroll.

A few warnings:

-I have no earthly idea if photobucket will give me enough bandwidth. My apologies if you only see red x's.

-Because of the aformentioned bandwidth concerns I heavily compressed the files. Sorry if they are too big/small/blurry/whatever.

-Many shots were taken in the wrong direction and are backlit/washed out/glary.

Pretty much an overview of the area. I can't wait until the two Fidelity projects fill in the gap between Fidelity and St. Joe.




Lots of people. Could this really be Jax?


The ramp over the railroad bridge.




The landscaping was nicer than I expected. Much more pleasant than the eastward expansion.



I had a few dozen more shots, but mostly just of the river, and all the skyscrapers we've already seen a million times. Now if only I had the time and energy to post some of the 4 gigabytes of pictures that I've taken over the last few years .... (don't count on it, though!) ;)

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Great pics. The extended Riverwalk has definately become a big time attraction for local residents. My favorite part of it, is the bridge over the railroad. Watching the trains go under you and over the old truss bridge is pretty interesting.

One thing I'd like to see, is the Riverwalk being expanded to Memorial Park in Riverside. BTW, I drove down Riverside Avenue today and it looked like site clearing has began for both Fidelity office projects. Also, the Parking garage, across the street, is also well on its way up.

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