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Project Construction photos

Captain Obvious

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Up on the main Downtown Construction threads, someone asked about current project updates. Since I was downtown today, I thought I'd share some fresh (3-5-05) construction photos.

Don't get too excited though. Nothing is very far along yet.

Fidelity doesn't screw around. I think this is prep work for the 8 floor office/2 floor garage.


The Fidelity parking garage is going to be huge.



Site clearing for the 22 floor San Marco Place


Up to the 3rd floor on the 28 floor Strand


I have no clue what this construction fence is for on Riverside Av. (doesn't it look like any awful generic suburban area?). I hope it's MarksGray, but I suspect it might just be more DOT nonsense.


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Great updates. I agree, it looks like Fidelity means business. There was a newspaper article about the project being approved by the DRC and then...bam, construction immediately started.

Also on the Southbank, its going to be pretty cool seeing multiple cranes at San Marco Place, The Peninsula, The Strand & San Marco Riverwalk Hotel, all within a blcok of each other. I think the best view will probably be I-95 heading North.

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In regards to Fidelity, no they don't screw around - They have about 300 people in leased office space in Deerwood (because they are at capacity) that will eventually be moved to Riverside Avenue. Not to mention, the quarters in the current offices are extremely tight. I know that the people in my girlfriend's department (she works in the Tower on the campus) don't have a whole lot of room, but there is nowhere to go.

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If you don't mind I'll add to the list. Here are some pics I took this past weekend around Hemming Plaza & Adams Street.

No construction here, just a cool pic


Adams Street, How about getting the Barnett up and running?


20 West Adams


New Library


The Carling


The Carling Parking garage


New Library & Library garage


Hudson Books....coming soon


Bonus shot...1661 Riverside


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Bonus shot...1661 Riverside



When I was there over the summer, coming across the Fuller Warren you could see cranes working on a building somewhere near the mid-rise condo in the background of this photo. Do you guys now what I'm talking about? Is the development that I saw going up residential or commerical?

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