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downtown development


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Hi first off i wanna say sorry if i am posting in the wrong forum.

I have a little question, i couldn't find anywhere, does anybody know if Sacramento has any plans to develop the Downtown area or something? I have heard of them planning to do something, but not really. I am really interested, so you know something please say here, thanks :)

Oh yea i heard they were going to bilt twin towers this summer, anyone to back me up?

This is a great city and i love living here, but i think the downtown skyline looks like crap comparing to other cities.

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Yep there is a ton in store for Sacramento.

More then just the 53 story "twin" towers coming.

50-Story- 188m Libeskind "Epic" (Residential, Office, Retail)

38-Story- 128m Libeskind "Aura" (Residential)

53-Story- 183m Towers at Capitol Mall 301 (Hotel & Residential)

53-Story- 183m Towers at Capitol Mall 301 (Residential)

38-Story- 121m Capitol Grand Tower (Hotel and Residential)

23-Story- ?m Residential Tower on J st.

50-Story- 214m Golden State Tower (or two 31 story towers) (State Office)

24-Story- 122m 621 Capitol Mall (Office)

22-Story- 92m Meridian Phase II

Asian Trade Center towers

28-Story- 550 Room Hotel

40-Story- Office Tower

26-Story- Residential

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Welcome to the forum everyone! I moved this to the USA West section. Generally, topics on specific cities should go under the appropriate section with in "Cities, Places, Regions."

I appreciate all of this info. I had no idea there was so much going on in Sacramento!

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