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Jacksonville Development Thread


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Jacksonville Urban Projects & Construction List - Updated August 2005

*Development Map courtesy of Captain Obvious (one day I'll add numbers to this development map)


Green = Under construction or very recently completed.

Blue = Proposed

Red = Proposals that are on hold / delayed / tied up in something



1. The Peninsula (St. Johns Center - Phase II)

37 story/ 234 unit condo tower - Under Construction

American Land Ventures



2. The Strand (St. Johns Center - Phase I)

28 story/ 295 unit apartment tower - Under Construction

American Land Ventures

3. St. Johns Center - Phase III

13 story residential tower - proposed

American Land Ventures


4. San Marco Place

21 story/141 unit condo tower - Under Construction

Riverplace Properties Development LLC.



5. San Marco Village

(3) - 35 story condo towers - 1,025 units

(1) - 30 story condo tower - 300 units

(1) - 28 story condo tower/w grocery market - 275 units

(1) - 9 story/200 unit hotel

Total: 1,500 unit development - proposed - groundbreaking late/early 2005-2006

Riverwalk Hotels, LLC

Estimated costs: $500 million

6. Riverpointe

40 story/300 unit condo tower - approved, ground breaking early 2006

Hines/South Shore Group

7. Riverpointe - Phase II

40 story condo tower - proposed

South Shore Group


8. Kings Avenue Station

8 story office/retail/residential tower w/grocery market - proposed

Kings Avenue Redevelopment, LLC

9. JEA Southside Generation Station

25 acre, possible 2,000 unit urban infill development - proposed

Case Pomeroy Properties

plans to be announced late 2005



St. Johns Point

three 30 story towers with 810 condo units, 107,000sf office spsce, 107,000 riverfront retail marketplace and 150 slip marina - proposed

Riverfront Development Group

Estimated costs: $234 million


10. Ocean Square

12 story, 70 unit condo tower, movie theater and street retail space - proposed

The Atkins Group

11. The Metropolitan Apartments - 421 W. Church St.

renovation of Jax Telecom Building into 116 unit apartment bldg. - under construction

Jax Telecom Partners, LLC.

Estimated Costs: $14.3 million



12. The Shipyards

redevelopment of former 44 acre shipyards site into 1,000 unit development - proposed

LandMar Group

Estimated costs: $857 million


13. Old JEA Headquarters

31 story condo/office tower & renovation of existing 19 story tower - delayed

Syed S. Hassain and Khalid


14. Berkman Plaza - Phase II

22 story/ 200 unit residential tower - approved, groud breaking late 2005

Harbor Companies

Estimated costs: $36 million


15. Westin Hotel or condo tower

12 story, 197 unit hotel or condo tower - delayed

Capital Partners

Estimated costs: n/a


16. The Lofts at East Union

10 story, 73 unit condominium tower with 8,000sf of retail - proposed

Andre and Carla Bahri

Status: Approved

Estimated costs: n/a


17. Jacksonville Landing Expansion and Redevelopment

25 story office tower

(2) 6 mixed use residential mid-rises

(2) 960 space parking garage

120 slip marina

500,000 sf of retail space

Sleiman Enterprises

Status: proposed

Estimated costs: $250 million


18. Laura Street Trio

restoration of Bisbee, Old Florida Bank & Florida Life Buildings into residential/retail uses - Partial interior demolition underway

The Police and Fire Pension Fund

Estimated costs: n/a


19. The Barnett

restoration of 19 story tower into 125 lofts and street retail - proposed

LB Jax Development

Estimated costs: $25 million


20. Greenleaf Building

restoration of 12 story tower into office condominiums - proposed

Addison Commercial Real Estate

Estimated costs: n/a


22. 323 Duval

12 story office condominium building/w 23,000sf street retail - proposed

Easton, Sanderson and Company

Estimated Costs: $40 million



23. Ambassador Hotel

50 unit apartment bldg. - adaptive use project - proposed

Easton, Sanderson and Company

Estimated Costs: $10 million


24. 20 West Adams

Adaptive reuse of old Lerner Bldg into 20 loft apartments/street retail - Under Construction

The Kimmick Corporation

Estimated Costs: $6.7 million

25. Churchwell Lofts @ East Bay

Adaptive re-use of Churchwell Bldg into 21 lofts/w street retail - proposed

Robert Pavelka

Estimated costs: $8.6 million


26. Hudson Book Company

restoration of old Furchgott

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JTA Bus Rapid Transit System (future light rail system)

Project Summary:

- 4 phase, 29 mile system with 27 stations

Status: Purchasing right-of-way



1. Villa Riva

12 story, 70 unit condo tower & townhomes - Under Construction

FlagVenture Riverside, Ltd

Estimated costs: n/a



2. 1661 Riverside

90 condo units & 45,000 sf office/retail space - Under Construction

Midland Development

Estimated costs: n/a



3. Five Points Theater renovaton

14 lofts and street level retail

Mike Shad

Status: Under Construction

Estimated costs: $4.5 million



4. St. Vincent Cancer Center

7 story cancer center - Under Construction

St. Vincent's Medical Center

Estimated costs: $60 million

5. Oak Street Lofts

8 unit condo/retail loft complex - proposed

1534 Oak Street LLC

Estimated Costs: $2 million

6. Goodwin Condos

20 unit condo development on Herschel/Goodwin Streets - proposed

BB Riverside Development LLC

Estimated costs: $6 million

7. Riviera Parkway

(2) 4 story and (1) 6 story condo building on Riverside Avenue - proposed

Midland Development

Estimated costs: n/a


8. Ortega Yacht Club

Project summary:

- 20 story condo tower

- 80 units

Developer: Ortega Yacht Club Condominiums LLC, O.Y.C.

Status: proposed

Estimated costs: n/a


9. Ortega Landing - 4228 Lakeside Dr.

74 unit condo/ 205 slip marina development - proposed

MLG Capital/Ortega LLC



10. Liberty Lofts

renovation of the Chevy Parts Warehouse into 29 loft apartments - proposed

Urban Spaces

Estimated costs: n/a



11. 8th & Pearl

80,000 sf of condominiums & retail space - land clearing

Symbiosis Investments

Estimated costs: $17 million


12. The Lofts at 3rd & Main

40 loft condos, 7,500sf retail space, 70 parking spaces - proposed

Cesery Companies

Estimated costs: $8 million

13. 201 11th Street

6 unit loft townhome restoration - Under Construction

Symbiosis Investments

Estimated costs: n/a


14. Goffin Building - 1702 Main Street

Conversion of building into 4 apartments and street retail space

Jacksonville Downtown Development, LLC

Estimated costs: n/a



15. Hogan's Corner

new 7 single family homes and retail space at 8th & Perry - proposed

Kodatt Group



16. 15 West Sixth (just West of 6th & Main)

new construction, 4 unit contemporary live/work loft - proposed

Urban South Investments, LLC.

Estimated costs: n/a


San Marco

17. LaSalle & Hendricks

4,600sf retail/resturant building next to Panera Bread - proposed

Mark Rubin

Estimated costs: n/a

18. Atlantic @ Hendricks

Potential multi-block development featuring an urban Publix - proposed

Wachovia, St. Joe & Regency Centers

Estimated costs: n/a


19. Dolphin Reef

900 unit mixed use development, just north of JU - proposed

Hudson Capital, LLC

Estimated costs: n/a

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The Beaches

Jacksonville Beach


Ocean Pointe A1A Office Condominiums

Project summary:

- 5 story office/retail complex

- Developer: n/a

- Status: under construction


Costa Verano

Project summary:

- 15 story, 91 unit condo tower

- 9 townhomes

Developer: WCI Communities

Status: under construction



Surfside Condominiums

Project summary:

- 6 story, 25 unit condominium complex

Developer: n/a

Status: proposed


Avenue Four & Avenue Four South

Project summary:

- twin 4 story condo complex

Developer: n/a

Status: under construction

Construction pics: http://www.jaxbeachcondos.com/comm/avenue4.htm


The Water's Edge Oceanfront

Project summary:

- 7 stories, 17 unit condo complex

Developer: Trident Realty Corp.

Status: proposed



Acquilus I Oceanfront Condominiums

Project summary:

- 12 story, 48 unit condo tower

Developer: n/a

Status: under construction



Acquilus II Oceanfront Condominiums

Project summary:

- 12 story, 48 unit condo tower

Developer: n/a

Status: under construction



The Watermark

Project summary:

- 11 story, 25 unit condo tower

Developer: n/a

Status: under construction


The Marabella

Project summary:

- 11 story, 22 unit condo tower

Developer: n/a

Status: under construction



The Beach Terraces

Project summary:

- 7 story, 18 unit condo complex

Developer: n/a

Status: under construction



Serena Point

Project Summary:

- 7 stories, 20 units

Developer: n/a

Status: approved


Las [email protected] 1316 North 1st Street (rendering N/A)

Project Summary:

- 6 stories, 10 units

Developer: n/a

Status: approved


Marina San Pablo

Project summary:

- twin 11 story condo towers

- 113 units

Developer: Vestcor

Status: under construction



The Lorelei

Project summary:

- 7 story, 22 unit condo complex

Developer: Lorelei Communities, LLC.

Status: approved, building permit granted



Ocean 9 Villas

Project summary:

- 9 story, 15 unit condo complex

Developer: Auchter Company

Status: proposed



Project summary:

- 9 stories, 17 units

Developer: n/a

Status: approved



Le Meridien

Project summary:

- 10 story condo complex

Developer: Le Meridien Developers, LLC.

Status: under construction



Pier Point

Project Summary:

- 5 stories, 58 units

Developer: n/a

Status: approved



North Shore

Project Summary:

- 8 stories, 35 units

Developer: n/a

Status: under construction



The Metropolitan

Project summary:

- 9 story mixed used building

- 34 residential condos

- 18 office condos

- street level retail

Developer: n/a

Status: under construction


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Jaxson, how does Jacksonville compare to Charlotte?


Jacksonville is a GREAT place to live. J'acksonville's people are the best and that makes all the difference. Charlotte had a large influx of $$$ over the last decade with B OF A and Wachovia (First Union) acquisitions and this pumped quite a bit into the area's urban building boom. Jax needs this kind of corporate inolvement to make the next major leap. However, in Charlotte it happened so quickly that the city lost most of its historic perspective. Not to mention the tax rate is out of control.

Quick Comparisons:

Skylines: Slight advantage to Charlotte, but Jax is closing quick.

Pedestrian friendliness: Draw; neither excel at his. Jax does have the Riverwalk

Historic Preservation: Advantage Jacksonville

Transportation: Jax has slight advantage excellent Interstate system; Charlotte does have grand plans for light rail.

Urban Residential: Charlotte has more unit available, With all the projects listed here Jax will close that gap quickly as well.

Overall I think Jax is where Charlotte was 2-3 years ago with regards to development.

I hope I didn't ramble to much. I have such a love to see Jax become the Greatest city in the South I tend to have a hard time containing my comments.

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Just to add one more "rumor" to the list, a new mixed use project in Springfield at Main and 3rd. The old car lot is rumored to be replaced with a 3 or 4 story building with ground level retail and apartments/lofts above. I "accidentally" saw the renderings today and it looks pretty cool.

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Its no rumor, I saw the developer's presentation at the Springfield Design Review Committee's meeting last week. I wasn't going to mention anything until it made the papers. Anyway, it will include 5,700sf of street retail and about 40 - 1,300 sf apartment/condo units on the upper floors. There would be a 3 story parking garage behind the building. BTW, there was a debate at the meeting, about the scale of the building. Some believe its too large and dense for Springfield.

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Its been mentioned that Premiere Foods has already been purchased by some local residents. Has the place improved any since this purchase?

Another property owner is looking to demolish the 24 historic small frame houses called Randall Court. The location is the block between Main, 9th, Hubbard and 10th Streets. Plans are to replace them with 24 new houses priced at $279k. Because the developer wants to demolish older homes, the DRC is recommending that this project be denied.

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Premiere hasn't been bought as far as I know, but people are discussing buying out their lease. I have only gone in there once so I'm not sure if it has improved or not, once was enough for me. I didn't know about the Randall Court project, but about a year ago there was a for sale sign up to sell each original home for about $80,000 each if I remember correctly. The sign didn't stay up for very long though.

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It is correct that Premier has changed hands.Went in the other day and it is somewhat better.Gone is the nasty butcher shop in back.It should improve over time.

This came from the SPARC newsletter:

Recently we have had several requests to the city for

demolitions. We learn about these when the owners submit

applications to the Jacksonville Historic Preservation

Commission for COA

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More Stucco!! Wow!!! The dirty secret in the "developer" community is that stucco is cheaper to build than brick or wood siding, so this is one reason why these clowns push it on us. This is particularly grating since I am not aware of any stucco structures in Springfield and, if there are any, they are very rare. Otherwise, I am not familiar with those houses, but I am sure there can be uses found for them.

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