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Bus department to build transit center


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Bus department to build transit center

Downtown Detroit site to have tent-like roof, to open in '06

March 8, 2005



In what likely will become a downtown focal point, the Detroit Department of Transportation plans to break ground in the spring on a new transit center with an eye-catching tent-like roof.

The $18.3-million center, to be paid for by federal transit funds, will take about a year and a half to complete. Tim Miles, project manager for the Detroit Economic Growth Corp., said the center will open for passengers in fall 2006.

It will be built on a triangular wedge of land bordered by Cass, Times Square and Park Place near the old Michigan Bell Telephone Building, now part of SBC Communications.

Read More: http://www.freep.com/realestate/renews/ddot8e_20050308.htm

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Good news! The design sounds very interesting and I would be curious to see a rendering of it. I wonder, though, if that type of tent design would look out of place.

I also think by turning the old bus terminal into a grass area, the C-Mart will benefit due to it almost being an extension of the park. I know the renderings of the park on its website shows this.

So is this just for the local smart busses, or greyhound too? I remember some talk awhile back about a new bus terminal for greyhound and there was a lot of controversy surround its location (different than this). Does anyone know?

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I'm confused by the location they are talking about. Looking at a map, I don't even where they are talking about.

It will be built on a triangular wedge of land bordered by Cass, Times Square and Park Place

It's State street that forms the trianglur wedge that is the park, not Cass.

I thought it was going to be in the trapezoidal parking lot across the street from the Parker-Webb building and north of the park. This would be bound by Cass, Grand River, Badgley, and Time Square.

Especially since it would be right by the times square people mover station.

Good news, but no rendering, bad description on where it is located...

I went to the architectural firm's website and there was only mention of finished projects. I tried to e-mail them to see a rendering, and they all got bounced back, even with different accounts.

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This is probably another case of the Free Press not checking their facts first...now everyone is confused. I just figured it was the park, since they said "triangular wedge of land," and that is near where they were talking about in the article.

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