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Panama City Beach condos


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The skyline has greatly filled out and most have topped out and completed. Lots of new colors, shapes, and heights for the whole 15 mile stretch. I'm trying to revive this section, and hopefully, get a new Forum created, just for the Florida Panhandle cities of Panama City/PCB, Destin, and Pensacola.
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Panama City Beach



Condo's such as these are becoming a regular throughout the Panama City Beach Stretch


Sands are Popular, as seen in this picture


Looking at the Skyline in the background of the picture, one would think they were somewhere in South Florida.


Another taste of that Panama City Beach skyline


Typical access spot to the beaches.


A nice resort complex.


Pedestrian bridges such as these are common throughout the stretch.


A nice look at some area sidewalks, landscaping, and building scapes.


A bit of a grotesque resort facility on Panama City Beach.


Ripley's Believe it or not marks this busy intersection.


A taste of the road into town.

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