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London Transport Museum


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I can't believe I have never taken the time to actually visit it. I should definitely remember going to Covent Garden next time I'm in the city. To me London is still the city with the most defining underground railways and buses, while being a close second to NYC when it comes to taxi cabs.

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What is dumb about it? Museums display historical items. Personally I'd rather look at an old bus or underground train than some ape's skull or caveman's blunt axe.

Maybe it requires some prior knowledge to appreciate though. For example, by looking at the picture of the train with the Northern line chart, I have just learned that the Victoria line apparently had a predecessor in the form of a Moorgate-Finsbury Park Northern Line branch, splitting off at Old Street. This would explain why Highbury & Islington looked bigger and more developed than I expected it to be based on its current transportation connections.

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