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Yes I am tourist but I usually avoid the theme parks but did go to Disney Springs.  I knew they were restricting crowd size but did not know they had temperature checks in order to get in and masks we

^^ Spenser1058, you really need to do a podcast or something like that; YouTube perhaps where you're getting paid to blog.  your analysis and commentary is truly a great thing.  No BS, I mean it.

Orlando will host the Special Olympics USA games in 2022: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/politics/political-pulse/os-ne-desantis-special-olympics-orlando-20190312-story.html From the Se

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On 2/13/2020 at 6:01 AM, spenser1058 said:

I've been there for some ceremony; can't remember which.  it had a nice layout but was too plain.  the pipe organ should add to it's flair.

"pipe organ."- lol.  

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Epcot’s signature attraction  Spaceship Earth will close May 26 to begin an extensive reimagining which may last a year or more.

The ride opened with the park in 1982.


From the Sentinel 

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3 hours ago, IAmFloridaBorn said:

New element near the eye


So I am curious what the parking plan will be for the new Element Hotel.  On this side, it's opposite the building and guests would have to cross over the driveway.  On the side where Sleuth's is, there is direct adjacent parking, but, they still haven't fixed the base of the building where it hits the ground at it's left edge per this photo; it is literally in the asphalt- or was...in the photo it looks like they altered the curb line a bit.  

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13 hours ago, IAmFloridaBorn said:

Universal's New Hotel and new land




So, check it out...

in that last photo showing Martin Lockheed and the UEU site beyond, look to the right...that apartment complex u/c that's white with maroon roof...that is not the development across Universal Blvd. from Vista Cay (The Courtney).  Rather, it's a new development that you get to from Convention Way's extension north past Top Golf. 

Knock me out.  On Google Satellite view you can see the site clearing which looks 6 months to a year older than this shot.  Street View doesn't go that far so I'm not sure what the name is.

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3 hours ago, codypet said:

Starting to believe that space is cursed.

I had no idea.  they would've also repainted the building to S&W's color motif.  Too bad.  Maybe it was just bad timing b/c of their other expansion plans in Boston.  

however it does seem like there's more to it...

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6 hours ago, AmIReal said:

I don't follow park activity much, but I see Disneyland is getting an Avengers Campus. Has anyone heard if Disneyworld will get one also?

Btw, food for super heroes



EPCOT has the Guardians ride as part of the former Universe of Energy pavilion.  I could see them expanding into the parking lot with an Avengers land with Guardians as the anchor.

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30 minutes ago, jrs2 said:

EPCOT has the Guardians ride as part of the former Universe of Energy pavilion.  I could see them expanding into the parking lot with an Avengers land with Guardians as the anchor.

Most of Marvel’s stable cannot be used at WDW due to an agreement with USF before Disney bought Marvel. Characters created after the sale are allowed with some restrictions (I believe that’s how Guardians was allowed).

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27 minutes ago, jgardnerucf said:

Spell out Universal Studios Florida please and refrain from that utterly piss poor acronym.

Proper nomenclature  for the Cows is South Florida, not USF, so I only use that for our Comcast brethren.

It’s also improper to use Central Florida for UCF, which sports writers do way too often and should know better.

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